How To Maintain Privacy & Security Settings In Safari On Mac

If you own a Mac, then you must be using Safari, the native web browser to surf internet. It is also considered as the fastest browser for Mac. Apple has not only made the browser faster but has also concentrated on making it secure.

If you want the freedom to browse as you want, you need to make sure privacy & security settings are in place.

Let’s take a look at how to maintain security & privacy settings in Safari on Mac.

How To Detect Fake Websites?

Safari checks for encryption and EV certificate to check the authentication of a website. Safari uses Google Safe Browsing technology, a list of potentially harmful or malicious websites to make sure the website we are visiting is secure. In case, the feature is not turned on, follow these steps to enable it:

Security Settings In Safari

Step 1: Open Safari and go to the Safari menu, select Preferences.


Step 2: Navigate to Security.

Navigate to Security

Step 3: Checkmark beside the box “Warn when visiting a gradient website.”

Once enabled, whenever you will go to fake or fraudulent websites, Safari will give you a warning about the website.

How To Make Sure Downloaded File Is Safe?

Safari opens up a downloaded file as and when it considers the file as a safe file but how to be sure that the file is really safe. Well, preventing the unsafe files to get opened is quite easy. Let’s check how to do it:

Step 1: Go to Safari, it is located in Dock.

Security Settings In Safari

Step 2: Go to the Safari menu, select Preferences.


Step 3: Go to General.

Step 4: Locate the option Open Safe files after Downloading and put a check mark beside it.

Open Safe files

After this, there is will be no change in downloading pattern, the path of a downloaded file, however, the files will not open on its own.

How To Stop Cross Site Tracking?

If you are bombarded with ads on a website you visit, and you notice the ads are relevant to the products you searched for on internet, then you are a victim of cross-site tracking. If you don’t like it, then you can disable it, follow these steps to do so:

Step 1: Go to Safari, then the Safari menu and select Preferences.


Step 2: Click Privacy button.

website tracking

Step 3: Locate Prevent cross-site tracking and ask websites not to track me and put a Checkmark beside both of them.

Note: Even if you declare that you don’t want to be tracked by the websites, it’s up to website owner whether your request will be fulfilled or not.

How To Deactivate JavaScript?

Not all the web pages use a JavaScript, it is used to activate some functionality for web pages, displaying images, time or date. However, if you want you can deactivate JavaScript, it might affect the functionality of web page.

Step 1: Go to Safari and click the Safari menu, then select Preferences.


Step 2: Click Security button.


Step 3: Locate and uncheck the box to disable JavaScript.

How To Delete Website Data?

If you want to delete website data from Mac, then you can either choose a website for each you want to remove data or remove data for all.

Step 1: Go to Safari from Dock, click the Safari menu and select Preferences


Step 2: Click Manage Website Data button.

Manage Website Data

Step 3: Choose website and click Remove button to delete site cookies, cache, and more. You can click on remove all button to remove data for all the websites.

privacy remove all

How To Prevent Safari From Storing Cookies?

Cookies are saved on Mac as it makes easy to detect you when you visit the websites again. However, you can prevent Safari from storing cookies, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Safari and click on the Safari menu.

Step 2: Select Preferences.


Step 3: Click Privacy and locate and put a Checkmark beside block all cookies.

block cookies

How To Look For Apple Pay On Websites?

If you want to check which websites can accept payments using Apple Pay, Safari can help you with that. This makes making payments from iPhone, Touch ID or Other iOS devices easy.

Look For Apple Pay On Websites
Source: iMore

Step 1: Open Safari, go to the Safari menu and select Preferences.

Step 2: Click Privacy.

Step 3: Now locate and put a Checkmark beside “Allow websites to check if Apple Pay is set up.”

How To Delete Browsing History?

You can also delete browsing history with a menu command as well. Follow these steps to delete browsing history:

Step 1: Go to Safari, click the Safari menu and select Clear History.

Clear History

Step 2: Now from Clear pop-up menu, select how far back you want to go.

Step 3: Click Clear History.

Clear History safari

This clear history command will remove all the browsing history from Safari on all the Apple devices provided Safari has iCloud preferences turned on all devices.

How To Stop Pop-up Windows?

Pop-up window often comes to the website you visit, causing disturbance and blocking the content. This is utterly irritating. You can follow these steps:

Stop Pop-up Windows
Source: iMore

Step 1: Open Safari and click on Safari menu, select Preferences.

Step 2: Click the Websites tab.

Websites tab
Source: iMore

Step 3: Go to the General section and click the Pop-up Windows option.

Step 4: Now click “When visiting other websites” and select Block and Notify, select any as per your preferences.

In the same way, you can modify settings for the websites opened.

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How To Enable/Disable Microphone, Camera, And Location Access?

Safari also comes with the feature wherein you can allow or deny websites to access microphone, location access, and camera. Follow these steps to enable it:

Step 1: Open Safari, go to the Safari menu and select Preferences.

Enable-Disable Microphone
Source: iMore

Step 2:  Go to the Websites tab.

Enable-Disable Camera
Source: iMore

Step 3: From General, click Camera and click on menu “When visiting other websites” and it will give you these. Options Ask, Deny, or Allow, choose as per your preferences.

Similarly, you can modify the settings for microphone and location as well.

So, these are the security and privacy settings that you need to take care of while browsing on Safari to surf internet safely.

For more security tips and tricks, watch this space. You can also subscribe to our Newsletter to keep your technological knowledge up to date.

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