How to Install AltStore on iPhone

Jailbreaking the iPhone is a basic requirement for iOS devices if anyone wishes to take action against the odds of Apple’s rules. Such a need emerges when we wish to enjoy our favorite console games like Mario on own iPhone or iPad.

What if now jailbreaking is not needed and all those classic games can still be enjoyed? Coolest thing ever, know? Well, you can thank Riley Testut, an iOS developer, for his development of Apple app store alternative which is called as Altstore. Moreover, he has described this development as “home for apps that push the boundaries of iOS”. Pretty interesting and true as well!

Interestingly, Altstore is capable of supporting Nintendo emulator called Delta and has been developed by Testut himself. Now Delta has allowed users to enjoy their classic games on mobile screens.

Launched fully on 28th September 2019, Altstore has bypassed all the Apple’s restrictions with smart moves played by Testut. In his own words, he explained the whole interesting strategy here.

“AltStore uses your Apple ID to “resign” apps so that they can be installed onto your device. To then actually install apps, Altstore sends apps over Wi-Fi to a desktop app, AltServer, which uses iTunes Wi-Fi sync to install them back to your device.”

He further explains that “Apps installed this way normally expires after 7 days (unless you’re an Apple developer), but AltStore will automatically refresh them for you in the background whenever it’s on the same Wi-Fi as AltServer”. Hence, no need to jailbreak your iPhone by using this iOS app store alternative!

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How To Install AltStore On Your iPhone?

Now you must be really excited to know how to install this Apple app store alternative and enjoy all the features that you have been missing out since now.

You also need to make sure that your iTunes version must be updated to the latest version in the computer system. You can install AltServer from Microsoft Store if you are installing AltStore in Windows PC.

Step 1: Open the AltStore website and download AltServer for Mac or Windows.

Install altstore

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, make it run and connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer system through a cable.

Step 3: Click on the icon above from the menu bar and finally select ‘Install AltStore’.

Step 4: Now while installation has begun, you need to enter your Apple ID details like username and password. During this time, authorize AltStore from Settings > General > Device Management.

Step 5: Once again, sign in with your Apple ID and you are ready, to begin with, AltStore.

Now when you want to download Delta or Delta Lite emulator, you need to follow the steps below.

Step 6: Download Delta Lite emulator from the AltStore, enter Apple ID, just like you did above.

Step 7: Once installed, open the Safari browser and your favorites game’s ROM on your device. You will also be able to find multiple websites that offer such downloads.

Now you can simply enjoy your favorite classic Nintendo games which you were missing through this iOS app store alternative.

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Wrapping Up!

How good is it that Mr. Riley has come up with a new turn and turned the fingers away? Though according to him, Apple can try to stop his work anytime. But we can appreciate his work of creating Apple app store alternative without any doubt which has created a sensation and sustainability at the same time.

Have you tried downloading AltStore? Have you experienced playing games on your device? We would like to hear your opinion and experience on the same in the comment section below.

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