How To Hide Personal Videos and Watch Them Privately

If you have private films and photographs that you don’t want others to see, you’ll need a digital vault to preserve and hide them. This is only possible with Keep Photos Secret by Systweak Software, a third-party gallery vault for hiding photos and movies. This article will show you how to hide videos on Android phones.

The problem does not end with protecting and hiding videos. Watching these videos privately without a trace or history logs can also pose an issue. Most Android users use VLC players or something similar to watch videos on Android. Though these players are efficient and play all your video files flawlessly, they do maintain a recently viewed log and also can be seen in the recently used apps.

Introducing, Keep Photos Secret app by Systweak Software that allows users to hide photos and videos within the app, only to be accessed by the user using predefined passcode or fingerprint. It also allows users to capture photos and videos from within the app and view them using an in-built player. And the best part is, that this app never appears in the recently closed apps list, which means that no one can ever find out even if you used and closed the app a few seconds ago.

Keep Photos Secret: Hide Videos With An Amazing App

Keep Photos Secret

Systweak Software designed the Keep Photos Secret tool with the express purpose of saving images and videos in a digital vault that is only accessible by you. This app can not only be used to hide photos and movies but can also be used as a hidden camera vault, that allows you to capture photos and save them straight in your digital vault. The following are some of the app’s standout features:

  • Individual image albums can be protected with a password, and the entire app can be locked down with a four-digit pass code.
  • Fingerprint Unlock – To access your hidden vault, you don’t need to memorize a PIN; simply use your fingerprint.
  • All of your media is kept secret and never uploaded anywhere, making it safe and secure. Because the photographs and videos are secured in a password-protected folder, no one else has access to them.
  • Passcode Recovery – Even if you lose/forget your passcode, you won’t lose your important data. If you forget your passcode, you can request it to be sent it to you via email.


  • Stealth Setting – This option conceals the program from the recent applications list and prevents it from being tracked.

How To Hide Videos On Android Smartphones: What Are The Steps?

Step 1: Download/Install Keep Photos Secret on your device, by clicking the Google Play Store link below.

Step 2: To launch the app, tap the shortcut and the home screen will appear.

Step 3: You’ll be prompted to create and confirm a four-digit passcode.


Step 4: A default folder will be created on the initial app screen. You can make new folders or albums by tapping on the plus symbol in the upper right corner.

app screen

Step 5: Click the Create Album button to make your Albums and give them a new password.

Create Album

Step 6: In the below right corner of the album you just made, click the Plus sign in a circle to add photos.

add photos

Gallery Option: Add images from your device to the gallery to preserve your photos.

Camera Option: You can also snap images with the in-app secret camera mode, which will be saved in the digital vault and will never be seen unless you wish them to be.

Step 7: Go to the gallery mode and select the videos you want to store in your vault.

gallery mode

Step 8: Once you have your videos stored, you can revisit the app anytime and tap on the movie to view it.

Step 9: The inbuilt player has basic controls and is quite amazing in playing the video with options for pause and a slider to rewind or forward the video.

Step 10: Exit the program and rest easy, knowing that your films are protected in a digital vault.

Note: You can retrieve any image or movie you save to the vault at any moment and share it by email, Skype, WhatsApp, or OneDrive, among other methods.

The Final Word On How To How To Hide Personal Videos and Watch Them Privately

Keep Photos Secret is the best app that lets you directly conceal and put photos into a hidden camera vault. This greatest program to hide photographs is entirely safe and secure because your data is never transferred to any cloud server. This implies that your data is only available on your phone and that no one else can access it. This ensures that your data is never shared or visible to anybody other than yourself.

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