How To Hide IP Address On Android

IP address is one of the most popular term when it comes to internet. You must’ve heard about IP addresses but probably couldn’t find the time to approach the bible of internet to know more. Before you get your head around hiding the IP address on Android, you should know the basics and working of an IP on any device.

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What’s An IP?

IP stands for Internet Protocol, which is a set of rules and protocols that drive your entire web browsing and internet. The IP address is a unique identification number for a network connected hardware that allows it to communicate with other connected machines on an IP based network. IP address provides a connected device with an identity that makes the network packet delivery possible. It is similar to your home and work address where you get your letters sent successfully.

What’s The Need Of Hiding IP Address?

When it comes to hiding your IP address, it depends on how and why you wish to do that. The usual logic for using an IP scrambler or IP hider is to ensure privacy over the network. When your IP address is hidden, it means you are not sharing your identity and location you’re browsing from. Although, websites do not keep your data and only use cookies to know your experience. However, it is not always a good deal and may be misused.

Another advantage of hiding your IP address is to bypass the restrictions over limited browsing. It means to access the contents which are not allowed in your country or region. By hiding your IP address, you’re hiding your location too, that helps you obtain the website you wish to explore. Sometimes, it is beneficial to hide IP to be shielded from snoopers and hackers.

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How To Hide IP Address?

There are various ways you can hide your IP address on Android. Let’s discuss the most popular ones:


VPN tunnel

VPN is one of the safest browsing tunnel to explore internet without compromising your privacy. VPN or Virtual Private Network offers you a tunnel of encryption that even bypasses the ISP restrictions and surveillance. There are myriads of VPN service providers who have their Android app on Play Store. You can start your safe browsing by simply signing in and choosing the server you wish to explore from. This setup of server gets you the safe tunnel to browse with the highest speed possible.



Tor is a simpler method to hide your identity on a network. Tor is not a service but a browser that you can install and use. It is the fastest way to access the content without compromising on your internet speed. Just download and install Tor and connect to the Tor network to browse. The algorithm it uses to hide your IP address is to route your request through Tor’s network and not from your machine.



Using proxy to hide your IP address is a basic yet the most powerful method that masks your location on the host website. You may find a plethora of proxy servers to use but if you’re looking for a high-speed connection, it is probably not the best idea.

Overall, hiding your IP address to protect your privacy on network doesn’t require you to be a tech savvy. The services available are more of plug-and-play and look after the background activities on their own.

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