How To Get More Views On Snapchat

Snapchat is known for photo and video sharing since its launch in 2011. Everyone in the smartphone using world is familiar with Snapchat and a lot of us use it as well. Do you know how to make more people watch your photos and videos? Do your activities go unnoticed on Snapchat? If yes, and if you want to get more views on Snapchat, read on!

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However, before that, you need to check why it is important to increase views on Snapchat.

Why Is It Important?

Getting views on your Snapchat profile is important than any other thing on Snapchat. People generally concentrate on a number of followers or the score. The logic behind this is, you may have billions of followers but not every follower will watch your story, so it doesn’t matter.

In a similar way, score is not that important. The Score is based on the number of interactions that you had on Snapchat. It includes snaps shared in a story, direct messages, trophies you have unlocked. So, score will also not increase the views or viewers on your Snapchat story.

So, you need to know what engages users in general. Let’s check the hacks to get more views on Snapchat.

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How To Get More Views On Snapchat in 2023

1. Change Your Profile Picture:

To get more views, you need to know how to drive and engage users on your profile. Snapchat doesn’t provide any organic function so finding users can be pesky. However, you can use snap code or username to add people outside your contact list. Snapcode is a QR code that’s unique for an individual account. Upon taking a picture of your Snapcode, a user will be added to your contact list.

So, it is a smart move to change your profile photos of all social media with Snapcode. However, there can be an issue while changing the profile photo to your Snapcode, as it only allows you to take pictures of yourself or things around you. So, be careful as you don’t want your face looking dull in your snapcode. Don’t worry you can customize the snapcode. Snapchat lets you download the snapcode and Snapchat profile picture via the official website.

Now, you can beautify or use the editing tools to make your photos more presentable.

2. Posting Content Frequently Can Help

Being active on any of the social media accounts is the key to keep users and followers engaged. According to Snapchat mechanism, public stories appear in chronological order with the latest story appearing at the top of your follower’s feed. So, to be in the feed and get more views on Snapchat, post frequently. However, make sure that the content used on the snap is relevant and engaging as poor content can reduce the interest of followers. Maintain the quality along with quantity of the content.

3. Show Off What’s Going on Behind the Scenes

Personalization of photos on Snapchat makes it different from other social media platforms. This unique quality is alone very appealing and enough to engage with the followers. Furthermore, if a personalized touch is provided, can increase interest in your Snaps. So, if you own a brand or any kind of business, you can show something such as behind the scenes to make them feel connected to you.

4. Have A Structure

Foundation of good content is the way you portray your content. The content is recommended to have narrative or definitive structure. It is important to set correct expectations otherwise you might irritate your followers. So, the content should be engaging and attractive, so it engages the audience. It can be anything, mentioning hacks for a common issue or trying to teach them something with 5-6 snaps.

5. Use Instagram

Just like Snapchat, Instagram is also about photos and videos. So, if you use both of them, then you get a lot of options to promote your Snapchat account on Instagram. The first thing that you can do is paste your Snapchat link in your Instagram bio. You can also post your snapcode more than frequently.

Moreover, you can use hashtags to gain more attention. As Instagram also lets you put up to 30 hashtags, use the maximum number of them to get the most of it.  Put the hashtags in the comments section instead of caption area.

6. Use Ghostcode

Ghostcode is an online platform where you can find similar Snapchat accounts alongside showcasing yours. Here you can give a brief summary of the type of content you post and what your account is all about. At Ghostcodes you can find several categories of profiles such as entertainment, travel, fitness, etc. Here other users can find your Snapchat account and like you. You don’t just get to increase your views but also authority as well.

7. Use Takeovers & Shoutouts To Get Followers

Influence marketing is a thing and just like on Instagram, you can use it on Snapchat as well. Shoutouts is a common term with which Instagram user must be aware of. Getting a follower to shout out you over their account indicates social proof and also introduces your brand to pertinent users. The Share-for-Share can also prove to be useful. So, keep in mind that asking a huge follower or influencer to give you shout out until you can help the influence in the same way or you are comfortable in paying.

Another way to reach more audience, do account takeovers. In account takeovers, reach influencer’s audience and introduce their brand. You can arrange a takeover with an influencer, wherein you get control over that person’s Snapchat account for a decided time period.

This is an impactful way to widen the area of your reach to audience.

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8. Competitions

Competitions are a feature of Snapchat which is a great way to get more Snapchat users to follow along with engaging existing followers. So, holding a competition is the best. It will get the job done, making it exclusive, because it happens in real time and only lasts for 24 hours.

Snapchat Contest should be held in a manner that it should only attract more followers, not turn off your brand. Where there are competitions, there should be a prize to make it more exciting and engaging. Also keep in mind the whole strategy as if not, it might get a little out of your hands.

After announcing the winner, make sure to flash the name and give them a shoutout over on our account.

So, these are some of the tips to acquire more views on Snapchat. Try them and get followers on Snapchat flooding. If you think, there could be some other hacks to get more views on Snapchat, then please mention them in the comments section below.

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