How to Get ‘Depth Effect’ in Photos on any iPhone or Android

iPhone 7 can take stunning photographs even in portrait mode. If you click a photo with portrait mode, then it will add depth of field effect to it. Of course, you need an iPhone7 or a DSLR or a similar camera to click photos with this kind of effect. But the good news is you can add this effect to any normal image from your smartphone. Before proceeding further let us understand in details what exactly is Depth of field.

Depth of field in photography means things which are placed in front are sharp and clear and those which are in background get blurred. It can be clearly understood in the given image.

depth effect

So, if you want to make your images taken on any phone look stunning with blur background you need to do some edits with third party applications. Here is all what you need to do on your Android phone or iPhone.

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On Android devices:

  1. First, you need to download a third-party application which is capable to add lens blur to your images. I have tested it of “After focus” application. The app is free to download from the play store and easy to use.

You can download this application from here.

After focus


  1. When you will open the application, you can either select an existing image from the gallery or you can click a fresh photo. You may also be prompted to choose from manual or smart selection. Choose smart selection.

After focus app3. Once you are done with selection of the photograph you will see next screen on which you will find some brushes.

photo effect

4. As you have chosen smart selection method simply draw lines on the area you want to keep in focus using first filter. It will draw a white line select almost everything on the image.

5. In the next step choose second brush and draw a short line on the areas which you do not want to keep in the focus.

photo edit brush6. Gradually you will find that red tint will only remain on the object you want to focus and rest of the area will be deselected.

7. Once you are done with the selection click next. You will see that unselected area got blurred in the resultant image.

lens blur

8. As you can see you can also adjust intensity of blur in the image.

Here is the comparison of both the images.

original imageedited image

Original image                                Edited


This was for android users if you are having an iPhone other than iPhone 7Plus then you can get this effect by using the same application but there is one more application which is exclusively for iPhone users this application is comparatively light weight and easy to use. Here is how to use this application.

On any iPhone using Patch application.

  1. Download and install patch application from the given link.

Patch photo editor

Get it from here.

  1. As I have already mentioned application is having very simple interface so all you need to do is to select an image from the gallery and then smart algorithms of the application blur the background automatically.
  2. You can change the intensity of blur with the help of 5 buttons given at the bottom.
  3. If you find that automatic blur is not accurate you can mart an area to include in blur by using the brush given at the top.

patch editor5. When you tap on the brush you will also see an eraser tool that can be used to include an area to the focus.

6. After making edits to the image you can share or save the edited image but remember that free version lefts watermark on images.

This is how you can get stunning pictures on any smartphone. So now you do not need a professional camera to add depth of field effect you can make any image looks like taken from a high-end camera.

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