How To Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting Issue

Apple launched iOS 11 and came with a handful of changes with it. Along with them, there were bugs and Apple released patches from time to time. However, after the patch update, some of the iPhone users complained that their iPhone automatically turns off after updating to the latest iOS. This is one of the common issues that an iOS user faces after updating to the latest iOS or while charging your iPhone.

If you are facing the same issue, you have come to the right place! We have listed some hacks to prevent your iPhone from restarting.

Note: It is recommended to take a backup of your data stored on your iOS device before proceeding further. As some of the hacks can ask you to erase your entire iOS device

Fix The iPhone Keeps Restarting

1. Update Your iPhone/iPad If Not Updated To The Latest Version:

Apple released iOS 11.3.1 recently and if you have not updated your iOS device to it then this could be the reason for restarting iPhone in a loop.

  • To update, navigate to Settings on the home page.
    iPhone Keeps Restarting-1
  • Then look for General on the Settings page.
    iPhone Keeps Restarting-2
  • Tap on Software Update and your iPhone will inform you about the latest update or current version installed if your iPhone is up to date.
    iPhone Keeps Restarting-3

Note: If you are not able to update to the latest version, then you can try another way. Turn off the notifications and then update your device. To do that, go to Settings and then Notifications for all the app installed on the device. Once your phone is updated to the latest version, turn on the notifications.

iPhone Keeps Restarting-4

2. Change The Date To December 1

To change the date on your iPhone:

  • Locate Settings from your home screen.
    Change The Date To December-1
  • Now search for General on the Settings page.
    Change The Date To December-2
  • Go to Date & Time and change the date to Dec 1 manually.
    Change The Date To December-3

3. Restart Your iPhone

To stop and fix it keeps restarting issue of your iPhone, you can force restart your device to clear the background processes. To restart your device forcefully, press and hold Home and Sleep button together until the Apple logo comes on the screen. If you are using iPhone 7, then force restart your iPhone by replacing the sleep button with Volume Down button.

4. Reset All Settings

Resetting all settings to default can also resolve the issue on your iPhone/iPad. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Locate and Launch Settings from the Home screen.
    Reset All Settings
  • On the Settings page, tap General.
  • Navigate to Reset and tap on it and then Reset All Settings.
    Reset All Settings-2

Note: This hack will not remove the data on your iPhone but will reset all the settings to default.

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5. Delete or Update Apps

The issue can be due to the outdated version of apps installed on your iOS device. So, whenever you run an outdated app, it might crash on your device. So, updating the apps to the latest version or uninstall and install the app.

iPhone Keeps Restarting when getting Charged or Connected

1. Remove Dirt From The Lightning Port Of The Device:

If your iOS is restarting in a loop when you plug in your earphones or when put on charge, then unplug it and clean the dirt or dust particles that might be on the ports causing the issue. To do that, you can use a needle to remove the debris from the lightning port.

2. Check Whether your Charger, Connector or Battery Is at Fault:

If nothing works and your iPhone automatically turns off even after all the change the charger or cable used to connect iPhone to another device and check whether the issue persists. If your iPhone doesn’t turn off and on after the change, that means charger and debris was the issue. If the issue happens, it is wise to take your iPhone to Apple store to get it checked to know what is causing the issue.

So, these are some of the hacks to fix iPhone keeps restarting issue. Try them and let us know what worked and if we have missed any of the great hacks to resolve the issue, please let us know in the comments below.

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