How To Find If The Website Is Legitimate

Internet is among those few services that are not only useful but is also necessary for businesses and infrastructures. From messaging apps to nuclear power plants, internet has been catering to numerous sizable services. But, among all the boons, it does have several venomous effects.

Now that a simple internet connection lets you surf over the internet world, you come across new websites every day. Among these pile of websites, there’s a fear of landing to an unauthorized or regional illegal content. Exploring a website that contains illicit content not only puts you at danger but also brings you a ton of legal problems. Now, you may be wondering as to how to know if the website is legit!

Today, we’re going to suggest a few ways to help you know the legitimacy of a website.

how to know if the website is legit
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Today, we’re going to suggest you a few ways to help you know the legitimacy of a website.

1. Following the general tips

What if you’ve to search for a nice family restaurant in a different city than you reside! You would probably use the old yet trusted source to help you out, that is Google. Using Google to tell you about a specific website is not only convenient but also the best way to know if the website is legit or not. Just type the name of the website and read the reviews at different websites. Once you’ve got more people to suggest your positively or negatively, you know what you’ve got to do.

how to know if the website is legit

2. Evaluate the URL

The URL or the website address is one of the finest ways to conclude the legitimacy of a website. By paying close attention, you may be able to unveil the truth behind the website. The URL comes handy when you’re confused as to how to know if the website is legit. You may follow the below factors to evaluate:

  • ‘https://’: To know a website’s legitimacy, you may consider looking for ‘https;//’ in its URL. the term stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, that tells you that the website is legit.

how to know if the website is legit

  • Check for connection: When you’re on a website, you may also check if the connection status is secure or not. You just need to simply click on the ‘lock’ icon located at the address bar, mostly beside the ‘https://’. If it says that the ‘Connection is secure’, you’re all set.

how to know if the website is legit

  • Look for imposters: While surfing internet, you may come across a few websites that may appear to be some popular brands. However, their website URL would be tweaked. For example, an imposing website of may have in its URL. Once you see these things, it is time take an off.

3. Pay attention to advertisements

Although, a popular website would not have advertisements on it. However, not every website that has advertisement is illegal or illicit. By applying this factor to conclude about a site, you must pay close attention to the content of the advertise that you’re being shown. If there’re some impulsive advertisements take on the full page or if it doesn’t leave you an option to skip the advertisement and continue to the original page, it may be a red flag for you.

Overall, it is important that you visit only allowed and permissible websites to avoid any unwanted situation. There are many websites which may not appear illegal but may fall under the black list of your regional government. However, now you’re aware on how to know if the website is legit, you may employ the above methods to find out one’s legitimacy. If you wish to share some tips and tricks to unveil an illegal website, do let us know in the comments below.

4. Get Support Of ‘Tweaks Web Protection’ Extension

Even if you have covered all the steps mentioned above, it is best to be sure of what has been browsed. It is also most important to check the website’s legitimacy before making any payment online or paying to your anonymous friend.

Tweaks Web Protection is a real-time tool to escape from malicious links and fake websites. All you have to do is download the extension link and toggle on the protection switch. Rest of the care will be done by the extension itself.

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