How To Enable A Three-Column Widgets Board In Windows 11

A three-column Widget panel would be more practical than the two-column Widget board currently since it would allow you to access and comprehend more data. As a result, Microsoft has made the new three-column Widgets panel available to a small  group of Windows Insiders on the Canary and Dev Channels.

But every Canary and Dev Channel user can allow the updated Widgets panel using a few methods.In case, you’re not among the fortunate few to receive the three-column Widgets board in Windows 11, here’s how to enable it on your Dev and Canary builds.

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What Is Windows 11’s New Widgets Board And What Is The Difference?

Widgets Board

A wider canvas with a distinct division between widgets and feed material is offered by the new Widgets Board. One column is for widgets, while the remaining two are for the content of the feeds. Currently only a two-column Widget board hosting Windows 11 widgets and the feed content is available to stable Windows 11 users. Check your current Widget board by pressing Win + W.

Why Is ViveTool Required To Activate The New Widgets Board? What Does The ViveTool Do?

ViveTool is a third-party program that enables functionality in Windows 11 that many Windows Insiders or the general public are unable to use. In other words, using this program, users can effortlessly enable and access Windows 11’s hidden features. When you hover your cursor over the icon in the taskbar’s left corner, if the three-column Widgets panel does not appear, it needs to be enabled. If your PC is running Canary Build 25314 or Dev Build 23424 or more recent versions, ViveTool will assist you in activating the capability.

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How To Install ViVeTool On Windows 11?

Here is a guide on using the Command Prompt version of ViVeTool.

Step 1: Visit the GitHub page for ViveTool.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Assets section and click on ViVeTool compressed folder.


Note: Do not click on the option that states arm64 unless you are using a device that has an arm processor.

Step 3: Next, press Win + E on the  keyboard to open the File Explorer window and click on the C: drive in the left panel.

Step 4: Create a new folder in the C: drive and name it ViVeTool.


Step 5: Now, navigate to your downloads folder and locate the ViVeTool compressed file you have just downloaded.

Step 6: Extract the contents of this compressed folder into the ViVeTool folder we have created in the C: drive.

Extract all

That’s it, you can now enable or disable experimental features on your Windows 11 PC by using the command prompt and ViVeTool.

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How To Make Windows 11’s New Widgets Panel Active?

After successfully installing ViveTool on your computer, you can move on to the procedures needed to activate the appropriate feature ID for the three-column Widgets view.

Step 1: Press Win + S to open the Search box and type Command Prompt. Select Run as Administrator to open this app in an elevated mode.

Step 2: Press the Enter button, after you type the command listed below on your keyboard.

cd C:\ViVeTool

Step 3: Enter the following command:

vivetool /enable /id:43028164


Note: You can copy and paste the above command into the Command Prompt window instead of typing it.

Step 4: When you press the Enter button, the command prompt will see “Successfully set feature configuration(s),” indicating that the ID has likely been activated.

Step 5: To activate the modification, restart your computer.

Step 6: Open the Widgets panel from the taskbar at this point.

If the Widgets icon is not already present on your taskbar, you can change the taskbar set to add it.

Will Other Insider Channels Have Access to the Widgets Panel?

Widgets Panel

Not all of the features that Microsoft tests in the Canary Channel build may make it to other Insider Channels. This is also true for the new Widgets Board as Microsoft has said that it would be made available to more Insiders soon.

The two-column Widgets Board will probably be fully replaced by the new one. There is no way to use the previous Widgets board once the three-column Widgets have been enabled with ViveTool.

Enabling the Three-Column Widgets Board in Windows 11 for Ultimate Multitasking

Utilizing ViveTool, you can access the new Widgets panel, that provides a better-organized canvas and is incredibly easy to set up. All other settings remain the same when the new Widgets board has been enabled. In other words, even when Windows 11 displays all of your widgets and the feed in a single panel, you may modify the Widgets settings to get the most out of them.

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