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Apple lets every OS X user enroll to its beta program if their machine qualifies the parameters set by the tech giant. Beta software, including previews and seeds, refers to a pre-release version of software that is not public and is still under development. However, if you wish to unenroll, it’s just a few clicks away. You may follow the below instructions to disable OS X beta program in your Mac:

  1. Click on the Apple icon in the top left-hand side corner and select System Preferences.

osx beta program disable

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  1. Select App Store from System Preferences window.

app store

  1. If your Mac opted for the beta program, there is an option labeled, “Your computer is set to receive pre-release Software Update seeds”, click ‘Change’ button against it.
  2. Click ‘Do Not Show Pre-release Updates’ button on the dialog box.

do not show pre release mac app store

Once done, the pre-release option disappears from the screen and you’re no longer shown these updates. However, at any point of time, if you wish to re-enroll your Mac with OS X beta program, you can do it by clicking here.

Comprehensively, beta programs are utilitarian tools for developers, so that they can start integrating the latest Apple technologies into their apps. It makes the apps up-to-date when the software becomes available to the public.

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