How to Create a Room to Watch YouTube videos in Sync with Friends

Watching TV or a video sitting with your dear ones is always fun. Although you cannot always stay together, but thanks to technology you can watch videos together in sync with your family or friends. Not only this you can express your views on a scene using the chat window. Your pal can watch videos on any device and if any one of the viewer pause the video it gets paused for everyone. Sounds amazing, right? So here is how you can watch YouTube videos in sync with your friends by creating a common room.

There are many applications or platforms which can work for this purpose but we have picked share tube because by using this you do not need to go for the sign-up process and you can create a room to share videos in just few simple steps. It is also very easy for your friends to join the stream.

1. So, to sync video streaming, first you should visit the website

2. On the website you will find a box in which you can mention the name of a Room you want to create. It should be a unique name because Sharetube will not allow you to create two rooms with the same name.

 sharetube3. After creating a room, you will need to create a username for yourself create a username which can be easily identified by your friends.

create username4. Once you are done with creating user name you can enter video URL which you want to share with your friends. Type or paste the YouTube video URL and click Submit to proceed further.

submit Query5. Video will start playing you will see the video description on the left side and chat windows on the right-hand side.

6. Now you may want to add your friends to the stream. It can be done very easily by clicking on the buttons of Facebook and tweeter given on the top right corner.

7. If you want to invite your Facebook friends to watch video with you then you can go for the Facebook option. After logging in you can search for a friend to share the video streaming link.

sharetube link share8. You might want to share e link to watch YouTube videos in sync with your friends on WhatsApp or on any other application. For this you can get the link of your Room by clicking tweeter icon given at the top right corner of the window.

 sharetube twitter9. You will see a drafted twitter post with the link of your room. Simply copy and paste the link and you are all done.

Now you are good to go watch YouTube videos in sync with your friends and to through comments in the chat box on any scene. If your expectations are higher and you want to see expressions of your friends watching videos with you then you should go for Samuel chat. It is another similar platform to watch same stream with people but the best part is it allows you to connect with people watching the same video over a video call. Another advantage is that you can also share a video from your computer itself. Let us find out how Samuel chat works.

1. Go to the website

2. On the home page click on the Get Started You will be redirected to connect to a partner screen where you will get your Id which is auto generated and a field to enter your partner’s Id.

simulchat3. To Sync video streaming ask your partner to open the same website which is simulchat your partner will also get his id on the same place you can enter his id in Partner ID on your computer.

connect to partner4. After clicking on the connect button you will be connected to your partner. Now you can make a voice or a video call to the partner and to watch a video together scroll down to the bottom you will find “Watch YouTube together here you can also enter YouTube video URL.

watch youtube

That’s it, watch YouTube videos in sync with your friends laugh with each other and see each other’s faces too. It is really like you are watching a video sitting together with your friends or family staying far away.

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