How To Create A Professional Product Demo Video?

A product or software demo video is an explanatory video explaining to all the end-users how a particular product or software works. These videos are very popular with consumers as watching the instructions is more fun than reading them. This article focuses on how to create a demo video or product video while keeping the customers in mind.

How to Create a Professional Product Demo Video?

Step 1: Identify your target audience

create product video

First and foremost, keep your customers in mind when creating your video. Viewers are more willing to respond when they believe the presenter has something in common. Creating a target audience profile is the simplest method to understand your potential viewers.

Step 2: Make a video plan

software demo video

A video comprises multiple stages, each requiring a specific amount of time to complete. Writing the script, shooting the video, modifying it, and finally publishing it is part of the process.

Step 3: Make a script

create product video

You’ll need to practice making a product demo or any video. A script acts as a map for the journey or road you want to lead your audience on. However, the script’s format varies depending on the video you’re shooting.

Step 4: Select a location

The location where your video will be shot is referred to as the setting. You’ve probably already decided what kind of video you’ll make at this point.

Step 5: Shoot the video

create demo video

The most fun part of the process is still to come: making the video! Finding the correct product demo video software to handle the hard lifting for you is the only key decision.

Step 6: Publish The Video

product demo video

After you’ve recorded and edited your movie, the final step is the simplest: posting it! The video’s size, area ratio, and runtime determine where it will be published. Vertical videos, for example, are ideal for Instagram stories, while short square videos perform well in the Instagram feed, and demos on YouTube are best uploaded in horizontal format.

Bonus App: Advanced Screen Recorder For Creating Demo Videos

Advanced Screen Recorder

Advanced Screen Recorder is a great software that cost $39.95 when we tested it. When a user first installs it, the Premium Trial Version is installed. It’s the complete software version, with no limitations and the ability to record two tracks indefinitely without a watermark. This software also includes a 60-day money-back guarantee which is a huge plus. Here are a few highlights:

  • MP4 and FLV codecs and other formats can be used to record 4K and HD video.
  • With the software installed on their PC, users can record the full screen, a specified region, or a determined window with or without sound.
  • To make a video, record video from a camera or use a webcam overlay.
  • During or after recording, take screenshot of single window, region, chosen window, or scrolling window.
  • Recording audio from the PC and a voice-over, simultaneously or separately, using a microphone.
  • The Auto-End option enables users to automatically halt screen recording when it exceeds a specified threshold, like recording duration or file size.
  • You may even draw or type on the video while it’s being recorded. When designing tutorials, this function is very useful.

The Final Word On How to Create a Professional Product Demo Video?

When most customers are looking for a product, they need to see it in operation before making a purchase decision. That is why product demonstration films are so important! When it comes to performing it correctly, however, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Like how you dress tells a lot about who and what you are, how you “present” the video says a lot about you as the presenter and, by extension, your product. As a result, in addition to keeping objective and showing rather than explaining, your video should be of professional quality.

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