How to Convert Article into Video in 2023?

When a blog is made into a video and uploaded to a platform like YouTube, the number of people who will watch it will be more than the number who will read it. More people watching your material implies more traffic which means you can monetize from it. It’s also common knowledge that video marketing is massive and extremely beneficial for any organization.

However, there is a chance that many people will be unable to create good videos for a variety of reasons. But do not fret! Using the tips and tricks in this blog, you will discover that it is quite simple and requires very little effort.

How To Convert Article Into Video In 2023

Manually Converting An Article To A Video

The first option is to complete everything by hand. You can start recording your blog post content from start to finish with a voiceover using your screen recorder program. Alternatively, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to copy the full information and place it on multiple slides, then add images, charts, tables, and other features to liven it up.

Advanced screen recorder

Advanced Screen Recorder is a paid software that cost $39.95 at the time of testing. When a user first installs the program, the Premium Trial Version is installed. It’s the complete version of the software, with no limitations and the ability to permanently record two recordings without a watermark. This software also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is a huge plus.

  • The MP4 and FLV codecs, as well as other formats, can be used to record 4K and HD video.
  • Users can record the entire screen, a specific region, or a specific window with or without sound with this application installed on their computer.
  • To make a video, record footage from a camera or utilize a webcam overlay.
  • Take a screenshot of a single window, region, selected window, or scrolling window during or after recording.
  • Using a microphone, record audio from the system as well as a voice-over, either concurrently or separately.

Other Options include selecting the most crucial and relevant parts from your text and writing a short narrative around them. After that, you may use your favorite video editor to add stock video material or photos. Finally, you’ll use text overlays to add the important points to the movie.

Use Professional Help


The other alternative is to employ a freelancer and delegate the work to them. This option is ideal for those who don’t have a lot of free time and need a quick solution. Because it’s difficult to tell whether the freelancer you’re planning to hire is good or not, the effectiveness of this can be uncertain. It’s also vital to remember that freelancers bill on a project basis.

This implies you’d have to pay for each video separately. If you’re still interested, Fiverr is an excellent place to start your search. Simply go to their website and type “Blog post to video” or “Article to video” into the search box.

Use Tools To Convert Article Into Video

The final option is to use the tools listed below. This is the most common method for turning blog content into videos. It is, in fact, effective, cost-effective, and much faster. Apart from uploading/pasting your blog article into their system, you don’t have to do much.

These tools will take the major elements of the essay and turn them into professional-looking videos that you can use everywhere. You put in a lot less effort and may end up with a better-looking film than with any other way. Let’s have a look at the equipment.

1. Lumen 5


Lumen5 can help you make great videos from your existing footage, and it’s used by companies like Mitsubishi and The Economist. It offers incredible AI technology that helps you to storyboard your ideas, choose the finest layout and select the greatest soundtrack for your film. You can also include images, video clips, audio, and a variety of graphics.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping to add your color, theme, and branding. You may also access and utilize a variety of fonts to make it stand out even more.  There are specifications for every social media platform, whether you’re making a video for YouTube or another.

2. RawShorts


You may relax as Rawshorts creates your film in a matter of minutes. When you enter your article or any text into their system, the AI scans it and finds the essential points automatically. It then searches for and inserts suitable media items into the video. What’s more interesting is that, instead of merely playing random music, it also generates a voice-over narration.

After the video is completed, you can examine it, modify it to your taste, and share it with various audiences. Simply said, Rawshorts has over 300,000 royalty-free materials available for you to utilize in your videos.

3. Rocketium


Rocketium is a very powerful and adaptable tool that allows you to convert not only blog posts but also video scripts directly from email, Slack, Trello, and other sources. You receive an enormous variety of templates to choose from right away, allowing you to produce videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other networks.  Rocketium also allows you to import a large number of articles at once utilizing RSS feeds or by simply pasting several URLs. You can give it a try for free and start making entertaining videos in minutes.

The Final Word On How to Convert Article into Video in 2022?

Using video marketing to convert articles into engaging videos is a terrific method to expand your reach. I believe the resources listed above will assist you in doing so with ease, saving you time and money in the process.  The best part about most of these programs is that you can make as many films as you like with only one membership. Say goodbye to paying for videos over and over.

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