How To Change App Icons On Android & iPhone

Nothing could be better than personalizing your smartphone according to your preferences. Nevertheless, when it comes to changing app icons, things can get a little tricky. There might be several reasons why you’d want to change the icons. Maybe you’re bored of looking at the same old icons or maybe you want certain apps containing private data to be hidden.

Whatever the reason is, it is quite possible to change the app icons using numerous methods like app icon changer, installing launcher or jailbreaking the phone. We will be discussing these methods below and the good part is that you don’t require your phone to be rooted to perform the changes.

app icon changer


Method 1: By Installing a Launcher

Amongst many launchers that can be downloaded from Google Play Store, Nova Launcher is one such powerful tool that can be chosen for customizing icons on Android phones.

nova launcher

Any launcher that you install will ask you to move ahead with various instructions mentioned within. In case of Nova Launcher, you will be able to make multiple changes like picking an image from your own phone gallery (for the icon), setting up a variety of wallpapers, form the folders or even style out home screen.

Not just this, you will be able to set up dark mode through it and enable smart gestures very easily.

Why don’t you check more Android launchers, learn their characteristics and choose what suits you perfectly?

Method 2: Using An App

Not everyone is comfortable using a launcher in their phone and for them, third-party apps can do the same wonders. Well, you have an option to explore many apps like Icon changer Free, Awesome Icons or Icon Changer.

These user-friendly apps also contain multiple other features apart from changing app icons and provide you with an open source space for experiments on android. Basically, after installing any of these apps, you just need to open it, tap the app icon you wish to replace, and rest will be done through the easy in-built description.

Some apps even allow change of the app name along with the icon. Now you can easily hide any particular app from friends or kids and let it remain safe in the phone without worrying.


Method 1: Jailbreak

Using Cydia on your jailbroken iPhone, you can make changes in app icons very swiftly. Remember that Cydia will only download in Jailbroken iPhones and considered as one of the best methods to tweak the look.


Not just this, download the modified version of stock apps, add functionality to standard iOS features and offers a modified choice for games & apps.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps

You might not be able to upload your own icons through this method but changing them with already available choices is quite possible. There are a few apps like Anybuffer, Bear, Burner, etc. that are well-doted for transforming themes and app icons on iPhone.

Many of these apps are paid or locked for premium users only but some free icon changing apps can make work possible for you all.


In most of the cases, app icons are being changed to keep your content away from others. When the same case arises to hide pictures, you can definitely skip the headache of changing the gallery icon. We would recommend an easy way by keeping a simple app called Keep Photos Secret in your Android or iPhone.

keep photos secret

With this, you can keep your private pictures hidden behind a password from anyone around you. Organize them internally and no one will even know what’s up there!

While if changing the app icon on Android or iPhone is the only solution or you are willing to do that for fun, we have mentioned app icon changers as well as other methods to do the same.

We believe that your solution has landed up but yet let us know if you are aware of other methods as well by writing us in the comment section below. Do not forget to follow us on YouTube and Facebook for more updates!

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