How To Access Your Remote Desktop Using Mobile Phone

You might face a situation when you need to rush away for a quick lunch but still, want to access the office desktop for a task. Or your colleague is asking for your urgent advice while you’re away from the workstation. What to do now? No worries, this problem can be solved very easily with the use of Chrome Remote Desktop connection on PC and mobile phone. How? Scroll down to learn!

The following instructions require you to take the 2-step process, one on PC and another on the Mobile phone (Android or iPhone). Step 1 will let you access the remote desktop on former device wheres Step 2 on the latter.

Note that you need to use Gmail ID to work on Chrome Remote Desktop. Interestingly, you do not need to install any third party software to work on it. It is so as Chrome Remote Desktop works on the web browser only.

Step 1: Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Your Computer

  1. Begin the process by accessing on your internet browser. As you click Get Started here, you will be taken to a new window.
  2. Here, find the download arrow key icon under ‘Set up remote access’. Click on it and an extension will be set up in your browser page. (Interestingly, you can do these steps on any browser and not just Google Chrome.)
    Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Your Computer
  3. Accept and Install the extension after which the PC will automatically name your computer. You can edit this name as well.
    Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Your Computer-1
  4. Now, set up a PIN having at least 6 numbers and re-confirm it. You are finally logged in and saved on the desktop.
    On the right-hand side of your name, find two options that allow you to delete or edit the particular PC name.
    Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Your Computer-2
  5. Next, click on Remote Support from the Tab above.
    Understand that if you want to allow someone else to see your screen, click ‘Get Support’. Whereas if you are willing to see some other remote screen, type the access code. This code is generated by each party by clicking on the ‘Generate Code’. (This process is required for remote desktop to desktop connection.)
  6. Once the desktops are connected in your browser, press F11 to zoom in and work swiftly on far away the desktop. Once done, press back F11 and you are back on your own screen.

Click ‘Stop Screen Sharing’ when the work is done.

Step 2: Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On Mobile Phone (Android/iPhone)

  1. Open Google Play Store or iTunes and search for ‘Chrome Remote Desktop’. Install it on your phone.
    chrome remote desktop
  2. Once you open the app, add the same Gmail ID by which your desktop is connected.
  3. Your connected PC will automatically flash on the mobile screen. Tap on it.
  4. The next screen will ask the same PIN number that you have entered in your desktop.
  5. Enter the PIN and welcome yourself to the remote desktop.Set Up Chrome Remote Desktop On mobile

What To Do If I Want To Connect With My Friend’s PC On Phone?

The above steps have explained you to connect with your own PC through your mobile phone.

Now, if you wish to connect to some other PC, begin with adding the name of the other’s PC via the Step 1 process.

That means, open the once again, click on Remote Support and connect with your friend by generating the code. The name of your friend’s PC will add automatically under the Tab of Remote Access.

Now, when you open your phone’s Chrome Remote Desktop app, you will be able to locate the name of your friends and access his PC easily. Simple!


We believe that most of your screen sharing troubles will get sorted with Chrome Remote Desktop access. And since its emergence has already got handy on your mobile phone, the world is already at ease. Troubleshoot the problems or complete the unfinished job without being actually present now.

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