Google’s Another App Bites The Dust

A while ago Google confirmed that it’s popular email app, Inbox by Gmail would be soon shutting down in Spring of 2019. The date wasn’t confirmed that time but today it is decided. Google’s Inbox by Gmail along with Google Plus shuts down on April 2nd 2019.

Google+ is being shut down due to a privacy bug detected that impacted 52.5 million users.

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With this following questions stands up

Why Is Google Shutting Down Inbox By Gmail and Google+?

To bring a more focused solution and to help users get best email experience Google is shutting down Inbox by Gmail.

After hearing this news if you want to know, how to delete Google Plus account click here.

Will This Shut Down Affect Gmail?

With the message of Inbox by Gmail shutting down Gmail gets upgraded. Features added to Gmail are:

  • Snooze Emails
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Smart Reply
  • Mail Bundling

Why Google Shuts Down Its Services?

To add advanced features into its apps and to continue improving their services Google shuts down services that aren’t doing.  Plus, low number of users is also an important factor.

How Many Products So Far Has Ended Up In Google’s Graveyard?

Starting from the latest, services shut down by Google are as follows:

Google Allo a messaging app launched in 2016 that did not reach the heights of popularity will shut down by Google this month i.e. March 2019.

Google + as part of Google’s spring-cleaning Google+ too will shut down on April 2nd 2019. URL Shortener will shut down later this month.

Google Hangout might shut down in 2020.

Google Hangout on Air– Google’s live streaming service was moved to YouTube in beginning of September 2016.

Google Glass a name that made the buzz was shut down by Google in 2015.

Google Catalogs interactive shopping program was completely shut down in 2015.

Google Catalogs
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Orkut once a popular social networking service was killed by Google in September 2014.

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iGoogle a personalized homepage created by Google to allow users to customize their homepage with widgets was killed in 2013.

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Google Reader a news reading app that pulls storied from news sites and blogs was shut down in 2013.

Google Notebook precursor of Google Docs was shut down in July 2012.

Google Notebook
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Besides, these other services that were shutdown included Google Buzz, Lively, Google Play Edition, Google Wave and others.

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