Google Meet’s New Noise Cancellation Feature – A Take on Zoom

Where during coronavirus pandemic Zoom as a video conferencing app has gained popularity, Google and Microsoft are trying desperately to compete in the video calling space.

Google Meet’s latest feature announced in April is starting to roll out now, and with this, Google hopes to get an edge over Zoom.

What is Google Meet’s Outstanding and New Feature?

AI-based noise cancellation is the most noticeable and latest feature added to Google Meet. Using this feature, users can avoid unwanted noise and can enjoy disturbance-free video calls. In an interview given to VentureBeat Serge, Lachapelle explained how the new feature works.

He further added, AI speech recognition feature will detect and remove things that are not speech, allowing users to noise-free audio.

Alongside, the noise-canceling feature will be enabled by default; this is done to keep the user interface clean. However, if the user wants to disable noise cancellation, they can do it from Google Meet, Settings > audio menu. Not only this noise cancellation will be done on Google’s cloud servers. This means it can be applied to any device.

What All Noises Will the Tech Cancel?

Lachapelle said, to begin with, noise cancellation will work well on:

  • Door Slamming
  • Dogs Barking
  • Crisp Paper Crackling Noise
  • Pen Clicking
  • Glass Clinking
  • Clicking Sound of Keyboard
  • Kids Fighting, etc.

Slowly it will be tweaked to become better and better. The company does not want to start canceling everything because there are times when people want to hear deep breathing and other natural sounds.

What other features is Google adding to Meets?

Other prominent features added to Google Meet are:

Tiled layout – Using the new tile layout Google Meet users will be able to see up to 16 participants at once instead of just 4.

Higher quality video and audio content – Users can now take advantage of present a Chrome tab option. Using it, the presenter can share a single browser tab. This will help remote viewers enjoy high-quality video and audio content. Starting from today, this new feature is also being rolled out.

Low-light mode – Meet will now use AI to make your videos more visible. Currently, the feature is rolled out for mobile users and soon will be available for web users.

Is this Google’s Plan to Catch Up With Zoom?

Certainly, yes. So far Zoom is the winner in the video conferencing war. But with the new features being rolled out by Google, the company plans to surpass both Microsoft Teams and Zoom. With notable features like noise cancelation, presenter tab, blurring the background, and custom wallpaper, Google has said a lot about its plans.

Is the feature available on all devices?

Currently, the feature is available in the web interface soon it will be rolled out for Android and iOS too.

When will the feature come to non-Enterprise users?

Although Google made Google Meet free, the timeline for noise-canceling features for Education accounts and non-Enterprise users has not yet been given. However, Lachapelle, says over time it will be made available for all.

The new features added to Google Meet and the biggest advantage of no time restriction will surely give Google Meet an extra edge. Not only this Google Meet is far ahead in terms of security. Where Zoom has made headlines due to privacy issues, Google Meet is winning the game here. Built on WebRTC Google Meet is more secure and takes care of all privacy issues. This makes Google Meet a winner for me.

What do you think? Do you still prefer using Zoom or will give Google Meet a try? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section; we’d love to hear from you.

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