Google Delays the Android 11 Beta Announcement

Due to COVID-19 across the world cancellation of tech events, including Google I/O came as no surprise. But instead of abandoning the Android 11 Beta release company decided to move the launch to a Livestream on June 3rd and named it #Android 11: The Beta Launch Show.

However, in a recent tweet posted by the company, they said the launch show meant to showcase what’s new in Android 11 is being postponed.

Why Google postponed #Android 11: The Beta Launch Show?

Where back in February, Google released the first Android 11 Developer Preview before time followed by two more Preview builds. First Android 11 Beta was expected to be released at Google I/O but the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything.

Older Beta timeline

Older Beta timeline

Undoubtedly this impacted the timeline. Therefore, the company decided to unveil the first beta on June 3rd, 2020.

Updated Beta timeline

Updated Beta timeline

However, this too is being canceled as several US cities are under protest over the death of George Floyd, an African-American, who was restrained mysteriously by the Police in Minneapolis.

Will this change the final release date?

No specific date for rescheduling of the event has been announced, but for app developers and partners, it seems Google is not changing Android 11’s final release date, and it will be released as scheduled & planned in Q3 of 2020. Timings for the same will soon be updated.

Was there a need for Google to postpone the event over politics?

Although there is no explicit mentioning of why the Android 11 feature announcement event is canceled, it seems it’s related to the ongoing protest. Considering all that is happening, Google might have realized that only a handful of people will be excited to know about Android 11. Therefore, postponing the event might have sounded best.

To me canceling a mobile OS event due to politics seems ridiculous. When PS5 and other events are on schedule, why not an Android 11 announcement?

What are your thoughts about it? Was it necessary for Google to cancel the event? Is it the mass protest in the USA, or is there any other reason?

We’d love to know your thoughts about the same. Please share your opinion, comments, and feedback in the box below.

Another event cancellation comes as no brainer but hearing this from Google is a bit surprising. However, we know soon the company will reschedule the event. But when we have no clue. So sit tight and see things turn in light of COVID-19.  Whenever Google announces a date, we will update the information, and eventually, we will let you know about the release of Pixel 4A. However, for the moment, this is all we have.

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