Fixing ‘Windows Cannot Change The Password For User’ Error Message

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In order to protect our privacy. We often change the password for windows log on but sometimes it shows an error message stating “Windows cannot change the password.” There are multiple fixes for this problem. You can try them one by one.

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SOLUTION 1: Allow Changing Password Using Computer Management

  1. First open Computer Management window it can be opened using one of the following methods:

Select Manage option by right clicking on the computer icon on the desktop, “Computer Management” window will be opened in front of you.


We can also open it by typing compmgmt.msc in RUN dialog box OR

You can also open it using Win+X menu if you are using Windows 8 and later.

computer management

  1. Now navigate to “Local Users and Groups -> Users” section., double-click user account for which you are not able to change the password. It’ll open a Properties window.
  2. Here you should check that “User cannot change password” option is unchecked. If its checked, then uncheck the checkbox and click apply.

computer properties

Now try changing the user account password and it should be changed this time.

SOLUTION 2: Using Command Prompt For Allowing password change

If above mentioned method doesn’t work or if you are still unable to change the password try the following:

  1. Run command prompt with Admin preferences.
  2. Now run the command:

net user username /Passwordchg:yes

In above command replace username with user account name for which you are unable to change password. For example, if your user account name is Tom, then run following command:

net user Tom /Passwordchg:yes

If your user account name contains spaces, then in command prompt put the account name inside double-quotes as following:

net user “Tom Paul” /Passwordchg:yes

Administrator console

Now try again to change the user account password again.

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SOLUTION 3: Using Ctrl+Alt+Del Screen To Change Password

If you are still not able to change the password using above 2 methods then do not lose hope there are some other methods too.

  1. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys to access task manager.
  2. Now click on Change a Password option.

Check if you can change the password from here.

SOLUTION 4: Using Computer Management For Changing User Account Password

Here is how you can use computer management to change password for a user account.

  1. Open Computer Management as mentioned in step 1 of solution1.
  2. Now navigate to “Local Users and Groups -> Users” section. In right-side pane right-click on the user account for which you are not able to change the password. Now select “Set Password” option.

3 You will see a warning message, click on Proceed button. Now we can set the new password.

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That’s all folks! Now you will be able to change password for Windows logon with one of these easy fixes. In case you have trouble with any of these solutions, please feel free to share your issues in comments and we will get back to you.

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