Fix – Audio Renderer Error, Please Restart Your Computer

Bothered due to Audio Renderer error while playing YouTube videos? 

Taking the answer as yes, let’s learn how to solve audio renderer errors on your Windows machine. 

Several Windows users have reported facing YouTube Error, “Audio renderer error, please restart your computer. However, the issue is not specific to any Windows version or browser and can occur even when listening to iTunes or built-in audio-player. Hence, we need to apply different fixes to solve audio renderer issues on Windows. 

The first thing we need to do to resolve the problem is to unplug and re-plug the audio device. Once that’s done, check if the issues persist or are resolved. However, if the problem persists, we will need to update drivers, as sometimes a corrupt or faulty driver does create an issue. To learn how to do that and to apply other fixes, read further. 

What causes Audio Renderer Error on Windows PC

Problematic audio driver – With some motherboard models, this seems to be a recurring problem. Therefore, to fix the problem, we will need to restart the system, temporarily disable audio drivers, detach & attach headphones. The conflict between the Windows Sound drivers and the ASIO driver
 – When the user uses both the Windows Sound driver and the ASIO driver with diverse sound format frequencies, an audio renderer issue occurs. This can be fixed by synchronizing the two frequencies.

Faulty BIOS version – This usually happened with Dell systems. To resolve this, we will need to update BIOS to the latest version. 

Now that we know what can cause YouTube audio renderer errors let’s learn how to fix it. 

How to fix Audio renderer error, Please restart your computer?

To fix the issue, you can try applying the following solutions: 

1. Reboot the PC. 

2. Disconnect the second audio playback device.

3. Disable\Enable audio device

4. Update outdated\faulty audio driver

5. Run Audio Troubleshooter

6. Disable Hardware Acceleration

7. Fix ASIO driver

8. Additional Information

1] Rebooting the PC

Well, sometimes, a simple system restart can help solve many problems. So, we will first reboot the system to see if the error message goes away. 

If this doesn’t help, we will move to the next solution. 

2] Disconnect the second audio playback device

Everyone is different, and so are their requirements. Some people like to keep more than one audio playback device connected. For example, if they have 2 audio ports, they will connect both speakers and headphones. This sometimes interferes with the audio device service, and you may face audio renderer issues when running YouTube. To resolve this issue, unplugging the second audio playback device is recommended. 

After disconnecting it, try to play YouTube videos so you should not face any problems.

3] Disable\Enable audio device

Sometimes restarting an audio device also helps resolve audio renderer issues. To disable and re-enable the audio device, follow the steps below: 

1. In the Windows search bar, type Device Manager

2. Open Device Manager and unhide the devices under Audio inputs and outputs.

3. Here, select the driver for your audio device > right-click > Disable device. 


Device Manager


4. After doing so, select the same device > right-click > Enable device.

Now check the system audio renderer error; please restart your computer problem should be resolved.

If not, let’s try updating outdated drivers. 

4] Update outdated\faulty audio driver

If you have not updated your Windows for long, there are chances that you are running an older version of the audio driver. In such a case, we suggest updating the sound driver. This will help resolve the problem you are facing when running YouTube.

You can update the drivers manually and automatically. To update drivers manually, you will need to have information about the operating system, device number, etc. Also, you will have to find the right driver from the manufacturer’s site. Here’s a detailed guide on how to update drivers manually.

If this seems too much for you, try using Smart Driver Care. Using this ultimate driver updater, in just a few clicks, you can update all outdated drivers. To use it, follow the steps below: 

1. Download, install and run Smart Driver Care.

2. Click Scan Now & scan the system for outdated drivers.


Smart Driver Care


3. Wait for the scan to finish. Once done, update the sound driver. However, if you wish to update all outdated drivers at once, you will have to purchase the product.


Smart Driver Care


4. Once this is done, restart the system, and check for the error message.

5] Run Audio Troubleshooter

To resolve various problems, Windows 10 offers a Troubleshooter. Using this in-built tool, you can fix many problems. Since here the problem is related to audio, we will need to run The Audio Troubleshooter. To run it, follow the steps below: 

1. In the Windows search bar, type Troubleshooter 

2. Select Troubleshoot settings 

3. Here look for Audio Troubleshooters. However, if you are unable to find it click Additional troubleshooters.

4. Hit Playing Audio > Run the troubleshooter


Audio Render Error


5. Wait for it to scan the system and fix errors.


Audio Render Error


6. Select the default playback device to troubleshoot and follow on-screen instructions


Audio Render Error


7. Afterward, try running YouTube. You should no longer face audio renderer error. Please restart your computer. 

6] Disable Hardware Acceleration

Sometimes, hardware acceleration too can create problems. Therefore, we will need to disable it. We have already learned how to disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome and Microsoft Office in our earlier post.

7] Fix for ASIO driver

If you face an audio renderer error. Please restart your computer; only when using Cubase, then it seems there’s a difference between sample rates. To synchronize them, follow the steps below:

1. Right-click the Speakers icon present in the system tray.

2. From the context menu, select Sounds.


Audio Render Error


3. Hit Playback tab, select the audio device you wish to use > Properties


Audio Render Error


4. Click Advanced tab > under Default format, choose the preferred sample rate.


Audio Render Error


5. Apply > Ok

6. Now head to ASIO driver settings > Audio tab

7. Here, under-sample rate, select the same settings, and then reboot the PC. 

8. You should no longer face audio renderer errors. Please restart your computer.

If this too doesn’t help, then it seems you are using a Dell system. So, here is a specific fix for Dell users. 

Additional Information for Dell Users

For the majority of Dell users, this fix works flawlessly. To apply this fix, you will need to update BIOS. For this, we suggest visiting the Dell support page and read all the instructions carefully. 

Disclaimer: While updating BIOS, you need to be very careful as a small mistake can make the system unusable. Hence, follow the step by step instructions as explained on Dell’s support page

That’s all. Hope using one of your fixes, you can get past the Audio Renderer Error. Please Restart Your Computer issue. In case you have any doubts, questions, or would like us to cover any other topic, leave us your feedback in the comments box below.



  • comment_avtar
    Camila Saunders
    I tried restarting my PC but it’s not fully functional! Can you suggest some other alternatives?

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Mridula Nimawat
    Audio Drivers need to be updated.

    3 years ago
  • comment_avtar
    Disenabling and enabling my audio device fixed this issue. Thank you.

    3 years ago

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