How To Find Duplicate MOS, MRW & ORF RAW Photos?

Raw photographs must be processed to create the stunning final result that makes us all drool. Today, we’ll examine how to identify and remove duplicate MOS, ORF, and MRW photos, three of the most often used RAW image file types.

What Is A MOS File?

The default file type created by Leaf Aptus cameras is MOS, a type of Leaf Raw Image. Because they are not compressed, these files are often reasonably huge compared to other image formats. Various image editors can open with ease. MOS files can be opened using shareware applications like MOSViewer and RawTherapee, as well as more expensive applications like Adobe Photoshop, Capture One Pro, PaintShop Pro, etc.

What Is A MRW File?

Sony created the MRW RAW image file format for its Minolta Konica digital cameras. Users can simply modify the exposure and color temperature at any time using a third-party image editor tool because the contents of MRW files are not compressed.

What Is A ORF File?

An unprocessed image file format is called Olympus Raw Image. It is the image processing format that Olympus digital cameras employ by default. ORF files support adjusting exposure, white balance, and contrast because they are in RAW form.\

The business offers Olympus Workspace, a free program to edit and display ORF files. The programme supports both the Mac and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Numerous software applications are available, depending on the model and configurations of your Olympus camera.

How To Find Duplicate MOS, MRW & ORF RAW Photos?

Many duplicate photographs will undoubtedly be if you have a sizable archive of RAW pictures. These files take up storage space, clutter the photo directory, and are typically unnecessary.

There are two approaches to finding duplicate RAW pictures. To start, you can use File Explorer to load a list of all files of a particular type and then compare the thumbnails to check for duplication. In most cases, duplicate copies can be found scattered among several partitions, folders, and subfolders. Therefore, if you have a massive file collection with hundreds of thousands of files, this is not realistic.

The second technique involves utilizing a specialized tool called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro to spot duplicate RAW photos. The best option is automated.

The Benefits Of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate photos

A fantastic program called Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro. Makes it simple and quick to remove duplicate photos. Our picture duplicate finder does not look at names, sizes, or dates while looking for identical images. Even when the photographs are edited or compressed, it uses other criteria like GPS, Time Intervals, and numerous comparison levels.

  • Users can reject two photographs using the “Similar Match” feature if they share some similarities but differ.
  • Users can search for and delete images using a variety of options.
  • The software can categorize and separate newly created 3D models that are uncannily identical.
  • Using the geolocation tags on the photos, this software checks the coordinates of the images to seek for duplication.

How To Use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Step 1: From the official website, download and launch Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro by clicking the Download button below.

Step 2: Select Add Photos or Folders. You can also drag & drop folders as an option.

Add photos

Step 3: Choose Similar Match or Exact Match from the menu selections on the right side of the app’s screen.

Step 4: If you select the Similar option to look for duplicate photos in your collection, you may modify the settings for different parameters.

Step 5: The Scan For Duplicates button is located in the bottom center of the screen.

scan for duplicates

Step 6: Choose Auto-Mark or mark the photos you want to remove by scrolling through them.

Step 7: Click Delete Marked after selecting all comparable and identical photos.

The Final Word On How to Find Duplicate MOS, MRW &.ORF RAW Photos?

I hope you know by now how to find duplicate MOS and MRW &.ORF RAW Photos on your PC. The name, size, or format of the image file are not the things considered by a good application that looks for duplicate photos; instead, the content is scanned for accurate results. One of the best tools for finding duplicates, Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro compares and extracts duplicate photos from your collection using various criteria.

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