How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 11?

No matter what PC or OS you use, computer users will always be troubled by duplicate files. And the interesting fact is that this is not a bug or error but a part and parcel of using a PC. In simpler words, if you use a computer, then you are bound to collect duplicate files that unnecessarily occupy space. Let us understand about Duplicate Files Fixer which is a sure shot and the most efficient way of removing duplicate files in Windows 11.

How Efficient Is Duplicate Files Fixer On Your Windows 11 PC?

Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate files fixer is a clever program that detects duplicates in files such as photographs, movies, documents, music, and other types. This scan yields the total number of files packed in your PC and takes up space, as well as a request for permission to delete them. You can choose which files to delete and which to keep from this menu. Once these duplicates have been selected, all you have to do is click to remove them from your device, freeing up space and allowing you to use it for other things.

Identifies Accurately Duplicates. Duplicate Files Fixer employs an algorithm to identify duplicate files rather than relying on common criteria such as name and size.

Detects a variety of file formats. This program detects duplicate documents, images, audio, and video files while taking into account all main file formats.

Folders can be excluded.  DFF enables folder exclusion, which allows users to intentionally exclude folders with duplicates. This reduces the amount of time and effort required to remove all of the intended duplicates from the final product.

Before deleting duplicate files, make a backup. Users of Duplicate Files Fixer have the option of backing up all duplicates found before eliminating them. This backup can be used to restore files if necessary, or it can be destroyed once you’ve checked that the backup folder only includes duplicates.

External drives are supported. Unlike most duplicate file finding software, this application recognizes and eliminates duplicate files from all external hard discs, pen drives, and other storage devices.

Criteria for Advanced Scan. The advanced scan criterion in Duplicate Files Fixer allows users to configure the search based on their choice. Users can choose whether or not to scan files based on their dates, sizes, types, and other factors.

How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 11

Step 1: Click the button below to download and install the application.

Step 2: Open the app and log in with the key you received in your email.


Step 3: After that, select the Scan for Duplicates option.

Scan for Duplicates

Step 4: The screen will display a list of duplicates. By checking the boxes next to the files you want to delete, you may then click Delete Marked.

Delete Marked

Step 5: You will be prompted to confirm your action. To continue the deletion process, select Yes.

That completes the process of removing duplicate files from your computer and freeing up storage space.

There are other options you can explore with Duplicate Files Fixer like:

Find out what your ‘Last Scan’ is.

'Last Scan'

Tap the ‘Select folders and files’ option in the Tab below. The date and time of all the most recent scanned files may be found here.

Take Note Of The Scan Results In Text And Chart Format

You’d prefer to see the scanning results in a chart format because it provides particular and interactive information. Yes, the text format can be used to simplify things.

Selection Assistant

You can select duplicates to delete by location, size, group, and more using the current Selection Assistant.

Advanced Settings

Advanced Settings

If you want to remove or add a specific format from scanning, go to Advanced Scan Settings and make the necessary modifications.

The Final Word On How To Find And Remove Duplicate Files In Windows 11?

Duplicate Files Fixer is an amazing software that will scan and present the duplicates on your PC for you to decide what to keep and what to remove. There is an auto-select button that further eases the process by selecting all duplicate copies and keeping the original file. Once you remove the duplicates you will be amazed by the free hard disk you gain that was unnecessarily occupied. Removing duplicates manually is not possible for you would not be able to keep a track of all the files and folders. Hence a smart AI-based app is recommended and Duplicate Files Fixer is the best app to do the job for you.

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