Facebook OS – A Forethought To Ditch Android in Near Future

Amongst all the blunders Facebook had in recent years, the company is planning to come up with a personal mobile operating system to stand in competition of Android. There have been many speculations around the hot topic but there haven’t been any official announcements to confirm the news.

Facebook OS planning
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Everyone is aware of the fact that Facebook tries to put its hands in anything and everything. This might have been probably the reason for the mess-ups, the company has faced in the recent past. Facebook has already started working on hardware space with its Portal smart display and its series of Oculus VR headsets. However, we know that these products work on the modified versions of Android, and Facebook wants to replace it with something like “Facebook OS.” Please note that this isn’t the final name of the giant’s futuristic plan.

Facebook Operating System
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The motive behind this step could be that the social media giant wants to deduce dependency on Android so, provided everything goes according to planning Facebook aspires to run its own operating system, and be more successful than what it is today.

The Belief Facebook Holds For Own OS

The project “Facebook OS” is being led by the team of the most experienced and pros in their respective fields. One of the leads is Mark Lucovsky, a former Microsoft employee who co-authored the Windows NT operating system.

Ficus Kirkpatrick, Camera Director at Facebook, didn’t come out and admit, however, the information he gave was that, “it’s possible” and that Facebook would be benefited from not needing to rely on Android.

Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s augmented and virtual-reality vice president informed The Info that “We really ought to be certain that the next generation has room for us,” “We do not believe we could trust the market or competitions to make sure that is the situation. And so we are gonna do ourselves.”

Google And Apple

The world’s most trusted and used mobile operating systems, Google and Apple are in existence for many years and running successfully, so now Facebook is searching for options to reduce its dependence on the rivals actively. And, I believe that’s a good start to think outside of the box. Given the network Facebook holds, the company is in the place to try something like this that maybe become more profitable for them than anything in the past.

Google & Apple OS
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Facebook Recent Data Scandals

Though in recent years, Facebook hasn’t been able to cope with the users’ expectations. The continuous data breach incidents and other privacy debacles have made users lose faith in the social networking site.

Facebook lost users trust
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It feels good that the higher authorities in the organization believe in the plan, and they are quite certain and persistent that they can make it happen. Though, the last attempt at producing its own OS did not go so well with Facebook.

Facebook last attempt for OS
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The attempt made the phone flooded with Facebook’s social feed, and that was before the brand was marked with numerous privacy scandals. Facebook will face an uprising battle on its hands if it wants people to give its software another shot.

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We Are Listening?

Do you think Facebook can do it without screwing it up again? Do you also think that it’s an attempt by the company to overcome all the debacles in the past?? Or just a way to reduce dependability and increase revenue?

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