5 Essential Software For Professional Architects

‘If a building becomes architecture, then it is art’- Arne Jacobson!

These words by Danish architect are quite true for all the passionate architects around the world who can turn a brick into a masterpiece. And with emerging technology, some architecture design software pushes the effort of an architect in a positive direction.

From AutoCAD to 3DS Max, Revit to Google Sketchup, these software has brought out the creative side of the professional at one end whereas a client is able to witness the virtual reality even before the trench is taken off.

Essential Software For Professional Architects

Scroll down to learn about the wonderful designing software and build the dream home with passion and efficiency.

 1. AutoCAD

Let’s just say it is a staple diet of an architect as well as construction engineers. As the newer versions are popping up its face every year, the features are getting advanced. You may also call it a first step before transporting the drawing plans towards making a 3D design.

AutoCAD provides various layers, line weights, and in-built tools that assist the drafting to make a dream come true.

Source: autodesk.com

What’s Special?

  • Swift and simple interface which an experienced architect can easily use.
  • Pre-built objects like walls, doors, and windows are present to speed up the process of designing plans.
  • Specialized tool sets for rastering, electrical, mechanical and plant drawings.

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2. Revit

Another one from Autodesk after the basic lesson emerges Revit. It is in use more than even AutoCAD these days considering efficient model based drawings, 3D visualizations, and structural fabricated modeling. This software doesn’t let you go anywhere else with both 2D and 3D designing, all at one place.

Source: autodesk.com

What’s Special?

  • Revit includes tools for architectural design, MEP, structural design and construction professionals.
  • Compatible with AutoCAD from where you can import your drawing and make the model.
  • The drawing gets updated by itself with every change in model, including elevations and sections.

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3. 3DS Max

Autodesk has brought you another smart architecture design software as 3DS max which has very powerful plugins and capacity for modeling and animation. Your workflow will look like a dream turning into reality as the major tools also include steel detailing, structural analysis and vehicle path calculations.

3DS Max
Source: autodesk.com

What’s Special?

  • Very firm and quality rendering features.
  • Bold and artsy in expressing the design models.
  • Produces beautiful textures and effects in the final product.

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4. Sketchup

Backed up by Google earlier, Sketchup is now owned by Trimble. You can construct even the complex plans into a 3D model with very basic tutorials. Though it is best to use when the design is at the beginning stage and concept is about to get finalized. This is because the minute details could not be very clear with Sketchup. Yet the updated version every year brings enormous items in the in-built library.

Source: localmakers.com

What’s Special?

  • Perfect for conceptual plans and models.
  • Backed up by a huge library that offers direct placement of objects in drawings.

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5. V-Ray

This architectural design software is ready to provide very real visualization. Interestingly, you can import your drawings from ArchiCAD and Sketchup and get it nicely rendered. Your client shall be very much impressed because of real-world projections that include bright or dark lights, reality textures and an immersive quality which makes you walk through the whole zone in your comfort.

Source: vrender.com

What’s Special?

  • Extensive availability of resources in Library.
  • It can also be used for entertainment as well as animation.
  • Experience shadows and direct lights very smoothly with V-Ray.

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Technology Inspires Art!

When creativity fuses with technology through architecture design software, the outcome is no less than breathtaking. An architect not only can judge his own thoughts but his client can also decide his own property in detail. Software like AutoCAD, Revit, 3DS Max or V-Ray has been doing quite a lot of justice to the field.

Yet if you wish to refine the changes after the completion, Adobe Photoshop is another powerful tool to provide a final touch. 

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