Energy Generation through Vehicle Generated Winds

In my previous blog on Harnessing Wind Energy we talked about many innovative renewable sources of wind energy generation for 21st Century. In all those sources we found 2 prerequisites in all of them, whether its wind Spire, Wind Stalk, Tree Shaped Wind Turbines, Typhoon, Vortex and those are as below:

  1. Need of widespread empty land
  2. Strong natural winds for more power

But what if I say there could be a way of generating energy in the urban areas without the strong natural winds. Surprising! Right! Well, what I am trying to say here is just an idea which occurred to me while taking a walk down the street in the morning.

Population is growing at an alarming speed and cities are spreading on its outskirts with a good speed. And depending on the limited patches of Empty land would not be a good thing. So, I thought why the urban areas can’t contribute to some share of power generation.

Harnessing Wind Power in Urban Areas

We all know winds doesn’t blow on all days of a year, but if you have noticed one thing when a vehicle passes by we experience a wind flow. The wind flow has some energy stored in it. And we are wasting this energy by not putting it to good use.

Just think of putting this energy to a good use of harnessing power! I know you would say how much energy a single vehicle could produce. But I am not talking about the single vehicle, I am talking about all those vehicles that we have in the world, all those roads on which these vehicles moves and all the wind flow that is generated because of these vehicles.

Taking a deeper look of this technique! I am talking of harnessing the wind energy from the artificial winds that is being generated because of the movements of vehicles on the roads of a city and Highways. The more apt way of naming this technique would be as “Wind Power from Artificial Winds”.

Working of Wind Power from Artificial Winds Technique

The idea of harnessing wind power from vehicles is very simple and a fusion of the traditional way of harnessing wind energy i.e. Windmills and a latest technique i.e. Tree Shaped Wind Turbines. As we know whenever the wind blows, the turbine rotates and in turn start the generators and the power is generated. This electricity is stored in the battery and can be used whenever required.

Same is for Tree Shaped Wind Turbine, just a difference that the leaf-like structures move even in the slightest wind as they are made up of plastic.

We would not put windmills in towns as a single windmill itself needs a lot space for installation and it could be dangerous for the birds.

sample modal of lamp

All the roads and highways do have lampposts. We can create miniature plastic turbines which would rotate even in the slightest of the winds. On every lampposts we can put up 6 or 8 of these miniature wind turbines. So whenever a vehicle passes by, it would generate some wind flow and the wind turbines would be put in motion.

These wind turbines in turn will move the small generator that will be placed at the base of the lampposts. The electricity generated could be stored in the battery.

The method would not generate electricity to fulfill the demands of the whole town, but it would surely generate electricity to fulfil the demand of the lampposts. And we can use the electricity that is being supplied to the lampposts for other purposes.

Creative ideas can strike any moment to any person. As, I got 2 more while writing this post.

  1. We could also apply this technique to the lampposts with solar panels. So, we would have an extra energy and that could be used in any other panel on stree light
  2. The other idea was installation of the Tree Shaped Wind turbines and Wind Power from Artificial Winds system on the highways. Because many vehicles cross the highway every hour and many of those vehicles are of the category of heavy vehicles. These heavy vehicles create more wind flow in comparison to a normal car. Not just this. The vehicles on the highway move with a greater speed due to which the motion in the turbines would be long lasting creating more energy in comparison to the city installations.

sample modal through highrwayThere is no such system in market for your installation. It’s just an idea which is still in the thought process stage. I am still improvising this idea to suit to our cities environment and to fulfil our needs of energy to the maximum potential of the system.

No fake promises! That you would soon get the chance to use a system like that. But yes I could say you may get a system or many systems in the cities as, coal reservoirs are approaching their ends and for our future all we need is to look for options that generate electricity through renewable resources.

Or start practicing living without lights! Relax! That would never happen. Because the scientists and innovators in the world are trying their best to give us the best.

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