Emerging Trends in Mobile Application Development-Part 1


Mobile App market is certainly a booming one in technology sector. Credit for which certainly goes to the global popularity of smartphones. The growing demand of smartphones has led to more demand for apps to accomplish tasks such as ordering food, booking tickets, banking transactions, listening to music on the go and much more. To keep toe-to-toe with the growing demands, developers too are rolling out applications aimed at both general consumers and businesses.

Here in the blog, we will be discussing about some of the emerging trends in the mobile application development industry –

1. Cloud Technology Finally finds its Place –

Cloud Technology has changed our lives giving us many benefits. There is no surprise that everyone knows about the cloud technology from average consumer to tech professionals. Cloud computing is an inexpensive, fast and easy to deploy technology, hence it has made its place in both large-scale and small-scale enterprises.

Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive are some best examples which have brought the cloud computing technology to masses. Well, this is just the beginning of the application development in the Cloud Technology. There is more to come, for example IoT devices and Smart Home.

And if we talk about corporates, Cloud based applications have huge potential for cost savings. Through cloud computing apps to you can access the data from anywhere and use it to sync it with other devices.

Cloud MobileApps

Image Source: etekstudio.com

2. Enterprise Mobile Apps Get a New Lease of Life-

Mobile App developers are spreading their hands in all the possible directions. Initially the target audience were general consumer and their daily needs. Now there is a shift in it and many developers are moving towards developing mobile apps for large and small enterprises for their business needs.

Enterprise Mobile Apps help the enterprises to keep the teams connected, track key metrics and KPIs which is now a requisite for all the small and large enterprises. The primary goal of an enterprise mobile app is to help businesses manage and streamline crucial business processes on the go.

A good example of enterprise app dedicated to the movement towards mobility are the Customer Relationship Management Applications. Information on leads and opportunities could be updated anytime on the app, hence reducing the work hours at the office desk.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Image Source: bluefountainmedia.com

3. IoT will Open New Possibilities –

The rapidly growing adoption of the cloud based apps has developed the interest of the developer in one of the famous technical trend i.e. IoT or the Internet of Things. The IoT is already ruling an industry of $9 trillion and it is expected to grow up to billions in next 5 years.

This technology is presently being used in many wearable devices and electrical appliances of the house. But this technology is now making its place in the mobile applications development.

IoT MobileApps

Image Source: applidium.com

4. Location based Wi-Fi Services Become Commonplace –

A new trend in the market is that the company’s sends out the location specific product advertisements by considering the mobile location of the consumers. Beacon technology is the one which is helps in offline advertising in the retail sector.

Apple is among the first ones using the Beacon Technology and introduced to us the iBeacon, and Android followed the path. The usage ways of Wi-Fi will be taking new shapes with the combination of the Beacon Technology and will not be limited to the internet access.

Location Based WiFi Services

Image Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com

5. M-Commerce to be the Next Great Opportunity-

The M-Commerce, short for Mobile Commerce has boomed up because of the rise of the E-Commerce market. The credit for this rise goes to Amazon, Flipkart, e-Bay who has brought the E-Commerce to mobile by developing the apps supporting all the smartphone platforms.

With every rise of E-Commerce industry in the coming years, M-Commerce industry is sure to flourish. Presently smartphones come equipped with many sensors like NFC, Fingerprint recognition, etc. And this change in the attitude of the consumers is giving the developers to enhance the level of the m-commerce mobile apps.


Image Source: alsocreative.com

6. High-quality UX to be the Norm of the Day –

The people who have been using smartphones since the introduction of it, could probably make out the difference between the outlook of the mobile applications then and now. One example where we can make out the stark difference is the WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger.

Since new and new features are being incorporated in the smartphones with every new launch, mobile applications developers get new inspiration to change the outlook of their mobile apps. The basis for this inspiration were the users of the applications who wanted their apps to be more intuitive and smart as their phones.

7. In-App Advertising and Purchasing Will Grow Steadily –

Since the graph of internet usage on smartphones to accomplish the day-to-day activities is increasing every day in comparison to the PC, all companies are taking to mobile applications. With this, the companies were not only able to maintain their customer count but also increase it, hence revenue also increased steadily.

If we go by the latest stats, the in-app purchasing through mobile applications will grow more than $9 billion in this decade. In the coming years we can expect the more intuitive and fun advertisements of the products rather than just a simple banner.

In App Advertisements

Image Source: gadgethelpline.com

In this fast-paced world, it is very important for mobile app developers to stay abreast of emerging trends to make their app stand out from the rest. With all the latest tools and technologies introduced every day, developers and industrialists are enthusiastic to use them in their apps to boost their business revenues.

In the next blog, we will see to some more emerging trends in the mobile application world. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the second blog in your inbox.

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