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Control Center is one of the most important features of the iOS as it lets you access many things like WiFi, Bluetooth, Music Player and more. With the launch of iOS 11, the Control Center has gone under major changes. Along with older toggles for Wifi and Bluetooth, now you can customize the Control Center with the things that you like to use without unlocking the screen such as Timer, Calculator, Notes, Guided Access, Text Size, Wallet and more.

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Let’s know about all the features and things that have been added to Control Centre with the release of iOS 11.

Wifi and Bluetooth

Wifi and Bluetooth

The major difference between the older version Control Centre and iOS 11 Control Centre is the function of the Wifi and Bluetooth toggles.

Earlier, when you used to toggle the Wifi to the right side, it used to turn it off completely. However, now when you do it, it just doesn’t discover new connections but keeps the Wifi on and the current devices connected to it and same is the case with Bluetooth. This change can be seen in two aspects: Good and a bad one. The good thing about this is, the device will not auto-join any Wifi networks until you move to another location or it is 5 am local time. Moreover, it disconnects all you from the connected network leaving the feature still activate, so, you can still use important features like AirDrop, Apple Pencil, AirPlay, Apple Watch, Instant Hotspot, Location Services and more.

The bad thing is, if you really want to turn it off, you have to unlock your iPhone and go all the way to Settings -> Wifi to disconnect them.

If you are thinking, why these changes? We have an answer for that as well, most of us are not aware that our phone uses Wifi for all important applications. So, if you turn it off to save the battery of your iPhone, you might impair those services instead. So, to keep the background services meanwhile, disabling them to connect to other Wifi networks or Bluetooth accessories, it seems to be a fix for them.

Customization Of Control Centre

Customization Of Control Centre

You can add and remove shortcuts that appear on the Control Centre. You can add things like Torch, Timer, Calculator, Accessibility Shortcuts, Alarm, Screen Recording, Notes, Magnifier and more.Moreover, you don’t have to swipe on the screen to get different panels as you get all the things on a single panel.

Airplane Mode:

Airplane Mode

In an earlier version of iOS, Airplane Mode would kill off the whole connectivity including Wifi, cellular data network, Bluetooth of the device, which is kinda frustrating! However, in iOS 11, if you turn on the Airplane Mode, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities of the device will stay active if it is set to stay on while Airplane mode is running. In other words, the device will stay connected to a wireless network with access to the Internet. The connection to the Bluetooth devices would remain intact.

Night Mode

Night Mode

With iOS 11, Night Mode appears to vanish from the Control Centre but it hasn’t. You can still activate the night mode with the brightness slider. For that, you have to use 3D Touch on the brightness slider to enable or disable the mode. It is kinda an irritating thing to do, to enable a mode.

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3D Touch

With iOS 11, you get the 3D touch in the new Control Centre which is good but it is very discreet as it would not work on some of the things on the Control Centre such as alarms shortcut, the low power mode shortcut.

Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

With this shortcut, you can record the screen of your iPhone and make tutorials and troubleshooting blogs. All you need to do is tap on the screen recorder icon to start the recording. If it is not included on the Control Centre screen, you can add it from Settings-> Control Centre-> Customize Controls

Don’t Disturb While Driving

Don’t Disturb While Driving

This is one of the cool shortcuts added to the Control Centre. With this feature enabled, all the calls, texts and the notifications would be muted to avoid the distraction and accidents. This feature is not automatically enabled so when your phone senses the movement of the car the first time after the installation of iOS 11, it prompts you to enable the feature.

However, you can set the feature manually or when the iPhone is connected to car’s Bluetooth.

Accessibility Shortcuts

Accessibility Shortcuts

Accessibility Shortcuts has been a very useful feature. It not only use your iPhone’s incredible camera to magnify things but also let you filter colors, and it has a lot more to offer. Now, it is added to Control Centre and you get the impressive features on a single tap.

So, taking all the things into account, Control Centre has a lot of good and useful shortcuts added to it which would help you to use your iPhone at its best. Although, some of the features and changes might not amuse you as it seems to have a room for improvement.

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