7 Command Prompt Tricks for Beginners You Should Know

Roll back a few decades in time, when using Computer was all about bashing a few key combinations on command prompt window shell. Most of us hated that dull black & white window as we have to remember all the commands, even to make the slightest changes in system.

Command Prompt may not have an attractive interface but has always been a crucial part of the Windows environment. Yes, we have to learn a few complex commands for using Command Prompt shell, but it is the safest and one of the most powerful ways to access Windows to its root.

7 Command Prompt Tricks for Beginners You Should Know
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We don’t use Command Prompt on a daily basis anymore for sure but there’s no harm in learning a few basics, right? You can teach your kids something new or flaunt your geeky skills in front of your friends and colleagues with the help of these useful Command Prompt tips and tricks for beginners.

Let’s get started and see how we can make the most of Command Prompt shell in Windows.

Clipboard Function

What if you want to share a useful command with a friend or use it on some other platform? How will you copy it? Well, of course taking a screenshot of the Window is always an option but why take so much pain when you can easily use the clipboard function. Yes, that’s right.

Simply type “Clip” at the end of any command you want to copy.

For example, ipconfig clip

So, now no matter how long the command is, you can paste it anywhere you like without any effort.

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Quick Edit Mode

Quick Edit Mode

If you’re making an assignment on Command Prompt, where you need to copy and paste a lot of command on Word Processor or PowerPoint presentation, you can always use the Quick Edit mode. To access Quick edit mode, tap the Command prompt icon on the top left corner of shell window, select “Properties”. Now check the “Quick Edit” option so that you can instantly copy and paste just by highlighting content on command prompt window.


This is one magical command that you can put to right use! Whenever you delete any files or data from hard drive, it is still saved somewhere in memory.

So, to be extra careful you can type “Cipher /w:c ” command in command prompt window and hit enter. Doing so will fill that erased space with random data so that no one can get access to your personal and sensitive info, not even hackers.

Network Settings

Network Settings

This is the major use why we still use Command Prompt sometimes when we have to check the IP address configuration settings of our system.

Type ipconfig and hit enter to view all sorts of network information including IP address, default gateway, wireless LAN setting and more.

To flush all DNS cache info and start afresh you can type the following command in command prompt shell.

Ipconfig/ flushdns

This removes all DNS information stored in the cache and gives you a clean slate to your system to find new DNS settings.

Command Info

Confused about what a specific command does and what all functionalities it offers? So, to learn more information about a specific command, you simply have to add a “/?” suffix at the end of the command name,

For example, Ping /?

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Scan Files

Scan Files
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Like we said earlier, Command Prompt is one of the most powerful ways to access System files and info. In the same way, Command Prompt also allows you to scan and repair system files.

To do so, type: sfc/scannow and hit enter.

It may take up some time until your system is fully scanned, depending on your device’s performance capabilities. Once the scan is completed, you will view detailed results on the shell in case any corrupted file is residing in your system and they will automatically be fixed in the background.

Customize Colors and Background

Customize Colors and Background

Bored of that forever-dull-looking command prompt interface? Well, fortunately, you can make a few tweaks in settings and change the background color and font of command prompt shell.

To do so, right click on the Command prompt icon on the top left corner of the window, select “Properties” from the menu. Switch to the fourth tab which is named as “Colors” and make the necessary changes as per your preference to give a new look to command prompt shell.

Here was a quick rundown on Command Prompt tips and tricks which can be used to make your Windows experience smoother. For any other queries or feedback, feel free to hit the comments box.

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