How To Change The Windows Spotlight Picture

Windows Spotlight Background allows changing the backdrop image used as the lock screen background. All desktop editions of Windows 11/10 and later include the capability. You can find the lovely Spotlight photos in the hidden app data folder, where you can find the lock screen backdrop pictures. These images are a part of the Bing images, which undoubtedly are breathtaking and mesmerizing.

The purpose of Windows Spotlight is to allow users to comment on the lock screen and desktop backdrop image right from the lock screen. You may start seeing more photographs from a given category on your lock screen if you decide over time that you prefer how they are displayed.

How To Enable The Windows Spotlight In Windows 11?

The next steps need to be followed in to activate Windows Spotlight in Windows 11:

Step 1: Right-click the Taskbar’s Start button and click on Settings from the Power Menu.

Or, you can open the Settings panel immediately by pressing the Win+I keyboard shortcut.

Step 2: Choose Personalization in the left-side panel.


Step 3: Click the side arrow next to the Lockscreen menu to expand it.


Step 4: Choose Windows Spotlight from the drop-down menu under the headline “Personalize your lock screen“.

Personalize your lock screen

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How To Change The Windows Spotlight Picture On Your Desktop?

On your lock screen and desktop, Windows Spotlight automatically displays pictures of beautiful scenery, wildlife, and other things. So what if one day you dislike a Spotlight image? You do not need to wait for an entire day for Spotlight to change your picture the next day automatically. Just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Locate the camera icon on the top right of your desktop when the Spotlight wallpaper is being displayed on your desktop.

Spotlight wallpaper

Step 2: The text mentioned next to the icon would be something like “Learn More About This  Picture”. Make right-click on the camera icon.

Switch to next picture

Step 3:  Look for the ‘Switch to next picture’ option in the dropdown menu that appears after the right-click and click on it.


Step 3: You can select ‘Not a fan of this picture’ option from the dropdown menu as well to change the current desktop image.

The image will change, but it will also be from a new theme or genre than the one before. For instance, if the Spotlight image you don’t like depicts a natural environment, the image it chooses next can depict animals in a nature sanctuary. You’ll see more photos of the same kind if you give one a thumbs up.

How To Change The Windows Spotlight Picture On Your Lock Screen?

Before you sign into Windows, Windows Spotlight also shows photographs on your lock screen. On your Windows 11 computer, this option would be activated by default. The Spotlight image on the lock screen can also be changed whenever you like. To access the lock screen and modify the picture, simply press Win + L.

Step 1: Hover your mouse pointer over the camera symbol with the label “Like the image that you see” when you are on the lock screen.

Hover mouse pointer

Step 2: Look for the “Not a fan” option and the “We’ll switch to a new picture” next to it.

switch to a new picture

Step 3: To change the Windows Spotlight image, simply click on “Not a fan.” In the future, Windows Spotlight will present fresh options in place of comparable images.

If nothing seems to be working, look at How To Fix Windows 11 Spotlight not Working.

The Final Word On How To Change The Windows Spotlight Picture?

You may quickly switch the Windows Spotlight image you don’t like to the following Spotlight image. Keep your favorite Spotlight photographs on your desktop and lock screen at all times.

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