Cannot Receive Bluetooth Files? Top Fixes For All Bluetooth Issues In Windows 10

Bluetooth is a technology that helps the wireless transfer of data between two devices. Microsoft has inculcated the Bluetooth technology in the Windows operating system, which aids Windows 10 users in transferring files and connecting speakers and headphones. Although slower that other modes of transfer, Bluetooth technology is quite efficient and reliable. However, it is not free from errors, and sometimes many users cannot receive Bluetooth files and face other Bluetooth issues in Windows 10.

Steps On How To Receive Bluetooth Files On Windows 10 And Fix Other Bluetooth Issues In Windows 10.

Method 1: Toggle Bluetooth Switch

Toggle Bluetooth Switch in windows, receive Bluetooth files

The simplest troubleshooting step to resolve any Bluetooth issues in Windows 10 is to turn Bluetooth Off and then turn it back ON. This fixes any connection glitches from the first time it was connected. To disable Bluetooth, you can either use Windows + A to open Action Center or use Windows + I to open settings and click Devices and toggle it Off/On from there.

Method 2: Establish A Connection

establish a connection, Bluetooth issues windows 10

To send and receive files of fix any other Bluetooth issues in Windows 10, it is important to establish a connection between both devices. Even if the devices are connected, you must disconnect them and establish a new connection. This can resolve the issue of not being able to receive Bluetooth files in Windows 10. To remove the connected devices, press Windows + I to open the Settings window and select the Devices button. From the list of devices, click on the device that is causing a problem and click on the Remove button.

To reconnect the device via Bluetooth, open the Windows Settings again, and then click on devices. Toggle the Bluetooth slider towards the right, and it will turn on and start searching nearby devices. Once the scanning completes, choose your device’s name and click on Continue. Enter the Pin/Password if necessary, and the device will connect to your computer via Bluetooth.

Method 3: Run The Bluetooth Troubleshooter

If the above two methods do not fix your issue, you can run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter and identify the problem to fix any Bluetooth issues in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open the Windows Settings by pressing Windows + I on the keyboard and type Bluetooth into the search box.

Step 2: Choose ‘Find and fix problems with problems with Bluetooth devices’ from the search results. A new Troubleshooter window will open.

Step 3: Click on Next to initiate the scan.

Step 4: If the Windows Troubleshooter detects the problem, then it will automatically fix it.

Step 5: Restart the computer check if your Windows 10 PC is now able to receive Bluetooth files.

Method 4: Check for Bluetooth Service In Windows 10

check Bluetooth device in windows, Bluetooth issues

Another resolution to fix all Bluetooth issues in Windows 10 is to restart the service behind Bluetooth functions in Windows 10.

Step 1: Open the Windows Run box by typing the Windows + R  on the keyboard.

Step 2: Type services.msc in the text box provided and click on OK.

Step 3: Finally, locate the ‘Bluetooth Support Service’ and make a right-click on it and select Restart from the contextual menu.

This will help resolve Bluetooth issues in Windows 10, and if you are looking for renaming your Bluetooth, then you can click on this link.

Method 5: Reinstall the Bluetooth Adapter

reinstall Bluetooth adapter with smart driver care

The final step to resolving the issue of not receiving Bluetooth files and any other Bluetooth issue in Windows 10 is to reinstall the driver for the Bluetooth adapter. The Bluetooth adapter is a piece of hardware that requires a proper updated drive to function smoothly. Drivers can be updated in two ways: Manual & Automatic.

Manual Method: This method involves using Microsoft’s in-built feature to update the drivers in Windows 10. Type “Device Manager” in the search box located on the left of the taskbar and press Enter. In the Device Manager window, locate the Bluetooth driver and make a right-click and choose Update. However, this method has a few disadvantages:

  • Device Manager only searches for updated drivers within Microsoft servers and databases.
  • It is essential to know the model number and hardware version that you wish to update.
  • This process requires the user to check for updates frequently manually.
  • The process consumes time and effort of the user.
  • Device Manager only updates drivers to a newer version and does not fix corrupted or missing drivers.

Automatic Method: This method covers all the Manual method’s limitations and allows a smooth update of the drivers with a couple of clicks. Once you launch the driver updater software, click on the scan now button to find out about missing, corrupted and outdated drivers. The next option is to click on the Fix Issues button, and all the drivers on your computer will be updated. This will ensure a smooth running of the system and enhanced performance.

There are many software available in the market that can update your drivers, but I recommend using Smart Driver Care. I have been using this application for a couple of years now and found excellent results.

Download Smart Driver Care

The Final Status on Cannot Receive Bluetooth Files? Here are top fixes for all Bluetooth Issues in Windows 10?

These methods can resolve surely help to resolve Bluetooth issues in Windows 10 and also fix any issues relating to receiving Bluetooth files in Windows 10. The Bluetooth technology is very complicated and can be fixed easily by installing the appropriate drivers.

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