6 Best Weight Loss Apps You Must Use In 2023

Every soul is beautiful, so is every shape! Yet weight loss is becoming more popular than ever to not just look fit and disciplined but to also keep diseases like heart attack, high cholesterol, blood pressure, etc at bay.

From calorie counting to diet & nutrition, technology has always been a catalyst to reach your goal. And these weight loss apps will help you in attaining a great shape, so you bring out confidence and happiness while walking out.

Why Do I Need To Lose Weight?

Before we delve into anything else, you should check your weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) to find out the appropriate gain/loss required. As losing more weight than necessary can also cause tons of health problems. Therefore our aim should simply be to become fit and healthy by the end of our regime.

To find BMI: kilogram/meter square; kilogram is the weight and meter is your height.

Body Mass Index

Image Source: everydayhealth.com

As per World Health Organization, “being overweight has serious implications like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and breast or colon cancer. More you gain weight, problems tend to increase as well and the overall cost to the family and healthcare system remains high.”

Obese Chart Image Source: researchgate.net

As you can notice in the figure above, the percentage of obese is gaining rate with time. Wouldn’t it be a smart move to manage a few minutes out of the busy schedule, download a weight loss app, and act better? If this still doesn’t convince you, check out another infographic on the risks of being overweight.

Obesity risksImage Source: rethinkobesity.com

Now that you are aware of your Body Mass Index and health risks of being overweight, we have compiled a list of the best workout apps for weight loss right here. Scroll down and become a pilot of your own health.

Best Weight Loss Apps

 1. MyFitnessPal

You might have already heard about this app multiple times but yes, this is one of the best free weight loss apps of all the time. Why? It boasts about containing the biggest food database with global cuisine to track your intake, has a barcode scanner to log food taken, supports weight loss/gain/maintenance goals, becomes your personal nutrition coach and charts your progress effectively.


What Else?

  • From helping you to choose the appropriate goal, this is one of the best weight loss apps to change your habits of overeating.
  • It easily logs your cardio and strength exercises along with tracking steps and easy connection to FitBit, Jawbone, etc.
  • Share your progress report and nutrition report with your friends and family.

MyFitnessPal: Android | iPhone

 2. Lose It!

Do you wish to own a personal guide to shed weight? If yes, you already have the best weight loss app of 2019 in the name of Lose it! Your calorie intake will be tracked with the smart tracker, barcode scanner takes care of food intake just like MyFitnessPal, nutrients are marked on the top of it, and is free of cost.

Lose It!

What Else?

  • Calculate your meals using its Meal Planning feature and achieve the targets. In fact, you can log your meals by simply clicking the picture and saving it in this weight loss app.
  • This free weight loss app can sync with other devices & apps like Fitbit, Misfit, etc.

Lose It: Android | iPhone

3. WeightFit

Known as an amazing weight loss app, WeightFit already contains a BMI calculator to find the ideal weight. All you have to do is set up the goal and required BMI, after which WeightFit can track your daily weight, analyze the old history and provide you better insights into your body image.


What Else?

  • Those who want to know the exact details of weight progress can find this app best among the competitors.
  • You can instantly add new entries and even sync with Google Fit.

WeightFit: Android | iPhone

4. SparkPeople

Whether you repeat sets with weight, jog out or wish to get your strength noticed, SparkPeople is a true friend in need. Apart from a calorie database, it contains a smart meal planner, barcode scanner and community forum to discuss and reach goals.


What Else?

  • Follow any diet, be it Keto, low-carb or vegan, this is one of the best workout apps for weight loss.
  • You can take demos performed by licensed trainers so as to avoid any kind of injuries during the workout session.
  • Get your weight tracked daily for a better update on the progress.

Note: This app has been discontinued.

5. Weight Watchers (WW)

As the name says, Weight Watchers is your real catcher and best weight loss app. It can also track your food intake using the barcode scanner from the database of over 2 lakh food items. A guide will take care of a healthier diet by recommending fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Weight Watchers

What Else?

  • Your community provides a daily dose of inspiration to support your goal.
  • More than 4000 weight watcher recipes back up this weight loss app.

Weight Watchers: Android | iPhone

6. Noom

Noom acts as a successful pedometer app, custom meal & workout caretaker when you are in need to cut down extra pounds. Backed up with flexible coaching to achieve short-term or long-term goals, this could be the best place to track weight, food, exercise, blood pressure or blood sugar level.


What Else?

  • Interactive content is available with Noom with more than 250 articles and an adventure-style guide.
  • New courses are designed by doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and personal trainers.

Noom: Android | iPhone

Tip Of The Day!

Settled on the sofa for longer hours and scrolling through social media has contributed a large chunk of your body weight. Yes, quite unacceptable but true! Hence it is recommended to put a brake on the same and download Social Fever today! See the changes it brings by yourself and enjoy living the moments worth cherishing. As it is great for tracking the time of the usage of the application individually and the total phone usage. This is also great in reminding you of taking care of your physical health. This sends constant reminders if you use earphones for too long, or the phone screen is on for too long. It can also remind you to drink enough water throughout the day along with engaging in other activities. 

Social Fever


Load yourself with any of the workout apps for weight loss today and get into the shape desired. We would say that the best free weight loss apps alone cannot work in your favor until your efforts are aligned with them. So better be aware of your steps and work efficiently to achieve your goal.

Let us also know your reviews and suggestions in the comment section below. 


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