Best Ways to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Windows is still the most admired operating system for PC and the latest operating system of Windows i.e. Windows 10 is fortified with some incredible features. From Xbox app with great graphics and speed performance to multiple desktop features, universal apps and office apps with touch support, Windows 10 is considered as the most appropriate OS for regular use. However, this might not sound true for gamers as the performance doesn’t match the requirements. In this blog, we will give you some tips and tricks to optimize windows 10 for gaming.

Manual  Tips to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

1. Updating GPU Driver

It is vital to upgrade your graphics drivers before they are used for exhaustive tasks like gaming. To make your GPU work efficiently, ensure that you install the latest drivers. This is necessary as it allows the software and Windows to communicate with the card effectively. You can install the latest drivers by downloading the AMD or NVIDIA card.

 2. Adjust for Better Performance/Visual

If you want to make Windows 10 faster for gaming, just hop to control panel to enter into “System and Security” section. Once you arrive in this section, click “System” to discover “Advanced system Systems” on the left-hand side and enter the zone of visual effects. Now depending upon the requirement, you can select among two options – “Adjust for Best Performance” or “Adjust for Best Appearance”. The former option will allow you to boost the performance while the latter one will enhance the visual quality of the game.

Adjust for Better Performance

3. Play with Windows Update option

Windows 10 has some default features that include automatic update of the Operating system. This feature makes your computer sluggish and has negative impact on its performance. They exhaust CPU usage and consistently write and read your SSD and HDD, resulting in slow loading and chugging of the games. It is recommended to disable the Windows Update option by right click “This PC” –> “Manage” –>”Service”–> “Windows Update” –>“Disable” –>”Apply” –> “OK”.

Or you can just click on “Stop the Service” and then “Restart the Service”, once you are done with games. It might hurt your Windows 10 resources, so it is recommended to check your PC status first.

 Play with Windows Update option

4. Disabling Nagle’s Algorithm

Nagle’s algorithm is responsible for efficient transfer of data but unfortunately, it slackens the internet speed, hindering the online gaming experience. To disable it,

  •  Press “win + R” and type “Regedit”.
  • Find: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces
  • Find the one that has your IP address.

Disabling Nagle's Algorithm

Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming Using a Software

Some powerful applications for game optimization includes Wise Game Booster, Razer’s Cortex and IObit Game Booster. They are tried and tested programs to enhance your gaming experience. Gaming boost software clear memory, close startups, fine-tune the network, is completely free and maintain PC performance!

Download Advanced System Optimizer 

This program allows you to maintain your hard drive and manage space by removing redundant clutter. Deleting unwanted files also boosts game performance and avoid clogging on hard drive. Although the process can be time consuming, it is still necessary to clean-up the cache accumulated during installation and uninstallation of programs. This indirectly improves game and the overall performance of your computer.

With advanced system optimizer, you can relish a hassle-free and smooth gaming experience. This software allows you to effortlessly switch between games and other programs without taxing the RAM or Graphics processor. This software efficiently deals with the problem of frame-rate drops during gameplay by creating a virtual desktop environment. Apart from Game Booster, Advanced System Optimizer also comes with other features like System Protector, Driver Updater and Disk Optimizing to provide an all-round protection to your computer.

Tuning the Apps & Features Option

In the settings of Windows 10, jump to the Apps & Features section to eradicate the bloatware apps. These apps are installed automatically while downloading Windows 10. They generally run in the background and block the space of hard drive. However, deleting those apps is not going to make any huge difference but have a great impact on the gaming performance.

These are some of the ways where you can optimize Windows 10 for gaming experience. We have tried to cover most of the best ways for Windows 10 optimization but, in case, if we have missed something, do let us know.

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