9 Best Wayback Machine Alternatives Website in 2023

Wayback Machine is a smart website that tracks all the information present on WWW or World Wide Web. It keeps the archive of all the internet information, lets you see the history and allows you to form different strategies for your website. One can understand the competition within the website world, access accidentally deleted information and find the old content of a website that is down right now using Wayback Machine.

Yet there could be multiple reasons to find Wayback Machine alternatives, including wanting to try something different. Therefore, we have got you covered for every possible situation with these great alternatives to Wayback Machine.

Best Internet Archive Wayback Machine Alternatives

1. Archive.is

Archive Wayback Machine Alternative

A time-capsule site similar to Wayback Machine, Archive.is welcomes you with a very simple interface. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website whose archive is required, and you will be able to find out the details like screenshot, data, and graphics.

There is another search bar marked in blue color which provides you saved screenshots. You need to know that saved pages do not have active elements and scripts. Hence, they are able to keep you safe from any malware or popups.

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2. Pagefreezer


Pagefreezer is one such Wayback Machine alternative that automatically compiles archives of websites, social media, mobile text messages, etc. in a cloud-based dashboard. Pagefreezer is being used by government agencies, hospitality industries, healthcare industries, etc. to cover their requirements. Yes, you need to fill in your details before using it and you can search your competitors’ websites using this internet archive Wayback Machine alternative.

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3. iTools

We can call it one of the best Wayback Machine alternative considering the details it provides you. Where a coding structure is provided through iTools, they use the Alexa database for competitive analysis, marketing mix, and traffic. Those who are looking for SEO analysis and website statistics, iTools is perfect for them.

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4. Stillio


Stillio is smart enough to capture the screenshots of websites at regular intervals like daily, weekly, monthly, hourly or other desired frequency. It helps you to manage your brand, SEO rankings, website compliance, trend tracking along with ads verification.

Interestingly, multiple customizations options like setting server locations, custom cookies, width-height of the screenshot, etc. are available. You can start with a free trial for 14 days with this internet archive Wayback Machine alternative.

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5. Yubnub


A very easy and handy tool to use, Yubnub is a simple way to access any website’s information. Though it helps in basic information majorly, one cannot avoid it as an amazing Wayback Machine alternative. Type the website name like “www.wethegeek.com”, and you will be able to detect all the information required.

6. Memento Time Travel

Memento Time Travel - Wayback Machine Alternative

While this website is quite simple but the filters are perfect for newbies as well as advanced users. Yes, you can enter the date and time to find details of the exact time. Cool, right? Time Travel wants to make things easier for you and hence, combines a huge amount of data and is a combined venture of Los Alamos national library & Old Dominion University.

Hence, start with typing the name of your URL and go!

7. Alexa


How about having a Wayback Machine alternative that can not just tell you the history of the website but also show competitive benchmarking, traffic statistics, Alexa rank, engagement matrix, audience insights and a world beyond the competition. You can find here those topics that the audience cares about, gain insights into your website and even grab digital marketing opportunities.

8. Screenshots


Another website similar to Wayback Machine is Screenshots that is capable of taking screenshots from different times. It has to be known that this website is using the WHOIS database of domain tools for archiving. As a new post or content is updated, Screenshots take it into its database and archive it for your reference.

9. Perma.cc
Perma cc

This Wayback Machine alternative is another classic example to find all the old and reliable information on the websites. Along with this, it helps you to create records of the content of the website too. Another site similar to Wayback Machine is here as your digital records are preserved just the way you want them to be, and this is the reason why courts, journals, and universities trust them.


Use these Wayback Machine alternatives for your ease and get the required archive information of websites instantly. If you ask us, we recommend Archive.is and Memento Time Travel for ease and kind of response. Apart from this, check out How to save and restore data in Windows 10?

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