Best Vision Board Apps to Achieve Long-Term Goals

A vision board is a powerful tool for manifesting your dreams into reality. By collaging inspirational images, affirmations, and goal plans onto a board, you can focus your thoughts and energies to attract your desires. In today’s digital age, vision board apps provide convenient new platforms for creating motivational boards on your devices.

We compiled the 6 best vision board apps available today based on features, ease of use, and ability to inspire. Read on to discover the top apps to make vision board that successfully helps you achieve long-term goals.

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6 Best Vision Board Apps to Achieve Goals (iOS and Android)

1. Google Keep – The Best Vision Board App

Google Keep

Google Keep tops our list as the best vision board app available today. As a free note-taking app from Google, Keep makes it simple to create vision boards by letting you easily add photos, notes, lists, and more to a digital canvas.

With Google Keep, you can:

  • Create vision board templates to customize for different goals. The templates allow you to design visually appealing boards with sections for photos, affirmations, task lists, and more.
  • Search for and drag inspirational images directly onto your vision board from Google Images. This makes building vision boards fast and simple.
  • Add text notes, checklists, voice recordings, and drawings. The variety of content types lets you capture goals, action plans, affirmations, and inspiration all in one place.
  • Access boards from any device. Since Keep boards sync across mobile and desktop, you can view your vision board anywhere for constant motivation.
  • Share boards or collaborate with others. You can work on vision boards solo or let friends/family contribute to boards for shared goals like weddings, family trips, and more.

Overall, the Google Keep app vision board makes it incredibly easy to create vision boards that keep you focused on your dreams.

Download Now: iOS, Android.

2. Canva – Best for Creating Visual Masterpieces


If beautiful design is important for your vision boards, Canva is a top-rated app for stunning creations. The intuitive design interface and a massive library of templates, fonts, photos, and illustrations make it simple for anyone to create pro-level vision boards.

Key features that make Canva a top pick include:

  • Professionally designed templates to start any vision board quickly. Choose from calendars, mood boards, fitness trackers, and more goal-specific templates.
  • Massive media library with over 75 million images, graphics, and videos. Search for anything you need for your board from motivational quotes to destination photos.
  • Custom fonts, shapes, frames, and stickers to personalize your designs. The wide range of design tools allows you to add your unique flair.
  • Ability to collaborate on boards with others by sharing a link. For family or team goals, work together on boards for accountability.
  • Multi-platform availability on mobile and desktop. Access your inspirational Canva boards anywhere, anytime.

With its beautiful templates and extensive design resources, Canva makes it effortless to create stunning vision boards to manifest your dreams.

Download now: iOS, Android.

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3. Momento – Top Pick for Photo-Rich Boards


Here comes the next pick on our list of best vision board apps. Momento is a vision board app that excels at building photo-centric boards thanks to its intuitive interface and deep integration with your camera roll.

Key advantages of Momento for stunning visual boards include:

  • Automatic organization of your camera roll photos by date, place, faces, and keywords. This makes finding relevant images a breeze.
  • Ability to easily drag and drop photos to assemble vision boards with simple swipes.
  • Lots of layout options like photo grids and collages to create engaging designs.
  • Draw on photos right within the app using a variety of brushes, shapes, and text styles.
  • Directly access other apps like Spotify to add music and Pinterest for more images.
  • Save boards as interactive Live Wallpapers you can set as your phone background.

If photos inspire you the most, Momento can help harness them into effective vision boards to manifest your biggest dreams.

Download now: iOS

4. Goalify – Top Goal Planning App


For those who need structure and action plans to achieve dreams, Goalify is the best vision board app to drive progress. With a built-in goal planner and tracker, Goalify keeps you focused on the path to success.

Useful features include:

  • Step-by-step goal planning guide and growth exercises to define action plans.
  • Ability to break down large goals into manageable daily and weekly tasks.
  • Progress indicators to track growth and stay motivated as you complete tasks.
  • Insightful analytics on how long goals will take to complete at your current pace.
  • Encouraging reminders and notifications to stick with your goals.
  • Social accountability through sharing boards with friends or a community.

The comprehensive goal-planning approach makes Goalify the ideal vision board app for result-oriented, motivated individuals. Bring your biggest dreams to life with dedicated planning.

Download now: iOS, Android.

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5. VYBO Vision Board – Best for Subconscious Programming

VYBO Vision Board

VYBO Vision Board stands out for its focus on reprogramming your subconscious mind through repeat exposure to your goals. By internalizing your dreams, you attract and manifest them more powerfully.

Key features of VYBO that drive subconscious programming include:

  • Subliminal messaging through empowering audio tracks to play alongside your board.
  • Custom vision board schedules to display your board at optimal times.
  • Adaptive algorithm that learns which images inspire you most.
  • Progressively evolving board display to keep content fresh.
  • Tracking of time spent visualizing your board for consistency.
  • Affirmation schedules tailored to different goals.

By driving home your vision on a deeper level, the VYBO Vision Board creates true subconscious transformation for results.

Download now: Android.

6. Dream Vision – Top Minimalist App

Dream vision

Sometimes less is more when setting goals and the same if true for this Android app. For clean, distraction-free vision boards, Dream Vision provides a minimalist interface with only essential features.

Notable attributes of Dream Vision for simple vision boards include:

  • Basic board designs featuring just an image and text caption.
  • A small selection of curated, royalty-free motivational images.
  • Ability to upload photos from Camera Roll or link to Instagram for personality.
  • Five muted, natural color schemes keep boards calming and consistent.
  • Progress tracking is limited to just marking boards complete when achieved.
  • Password-protect boards and share via simple board links.
  • Use on web and mobile or download boards as images/PDFs.

The simplicity of Dream Vision reduces noise so you can focus on a few meaningful goals. If minimalism helps you concentrate, this is the app for you.

Download now: Android.

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In summary, apps provide valuable digital tools to create vision boards for every goal. Whether you desire a gorgeous, photo-rich board or a structured planning aid, the possibilities for exploring vision board apps are endless.

Use the app features aligned with your vision board style to illuminate and achieve your dreams. Follow us on social media – FacebookInstagram and YouTube.

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