9 Best Sustainability Apps: World Environment Day Special

World Environment Day 2020 is different than in previous years. After COVID 19 lockdown, we are looking at a greener, cleaner and beautiful planet. This lockdown had so many changes on each one of us as well the overall environment. As the theme ‘TIME FOR NATURE‘ by UNEP is going to prevail for next one year, some more efficiency and some more efforts are required by each one of us so that the environment becomes sustainable for upcoming generations. Yes, we need to pledge to take care of our surroundings and overall nature with great energy. Thankfully, technology is walking parallel to our efforts, and its optimum utilization using sustainable living apps merely is going to cherish our moves.

If you have taken the same pledge and are willing to take small steps, these eco-friendly apps will help you with recycling, carpooling, ethical practices, energy lifestyle, and much more. So, let’s find each of their details and save the environment.

Load Your Phone With These Eco-Friendly Apps Today

App Name Best Known For Price
Oroeco Best sustainability app to track carbon footprint Free (Available on Android)
Olio Best sustainability app to reduce food wastage Free (Available on Android)
JouleBug Best sustainability app to improve your everyday habits Free (Available on Android | iPhone)
HappyCow Best sustainability app to find vegan cafes Free (Available on Android | iPhone)
Giki Badges Best sustainability app to find if the clothes are sustainable Free (Available on Android | iPhone)
iHuerting Best sustainability app for urban farming Free (in-app purchases) (Available on Android | iPhone)
GoCarma Best sustainability app for carpooling Free (Available on Android | iPhone)
Recyclenation Best sustainability app to increase recycling rates Free (Available on Android | iPhone)
SDGs In Action Best sustainability app to find Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations Free (Available on Android | iPhone)

Best sustainability app to find Sustainable Development Goals by the United NationsFree (Available on Android | iPhone)

Detailed Description Of Environmental Sustainability Apps

1. Oroeco

Oroeco - Environmental Sustainability Apps

This innovative app is meant to promote sustainable living by providing you with the best carbon footprint calculator. You will realize that your actions like driving, eating, shopping, etc. promote global warming in various manners, but you can control them to a great extent. The personalized tips help you with not only pollution reduction but also save a considerable chunk of money. Why don’t you download it, collaborate with like-minded and inspire the world for goodness? We believe you will.

Available: Android

2. Olio

Best sustainability app

We believe that you are aware of the food wastage happening worldwide. Well, you have found one of the best apps for sustainable living which has been featured by BBC, ITV, Guardian, etc. for its efforts to avoid food wastage. You can connect to your neighbors or local shops nearby so that they can share surplus food items with you. Snap a photo of the thing you have, share it on the app and someone may arrange a pick up for you. Even if you have any extra unused food item, you can pass it on to your neighbors and declutter yourself. Probably one of the best ways to save the environment, community and wallet.

Available: Android

3. JouleBug


Let’s get a little more sustainable as JouleBag is continually working on your everyday habits from work, home to play. There are easy statistics to understand the consequences of your actions, How-to videos, challenges, badges, trophies and more that keeps you stick to this environmental sustainability app. If you think you are doing anything sustainable, just buzz everyone, and people will be notified. Moreover, you can join a community of similar people to keep yourself updated.

Available: Android | iPhone

4. HappyCow

HappyCow - Eco-Friendly Apps

As the name suggests, Happy Cow symbolizes vegan food or without any meat. It is meant to connect restaurants, cafes and grocery stores to find vegan outlets nearby and add necessary filters. One can choose delivery, take-out, vegetarian, gluten-free, and cuisine types to mark their choices. The thought and initiative make it one of the most amazing apps for sustainable living and connects millions of people all around the world.

Available: Android | iPhone

5. Giki Badges

Giki Badges

If you consider environmental welfare is an essential aspect, this app is meant for you. One can scan the supermarket products with their phone camera to find if they are healthy or fair and doesn’t hurt the climate. Choose your priorities from avoiding toxic chemicals, less plastic, animal welfare, climate change, etc. and scan accordingly. It also inspires the product makers to include better materials in their products.

Available: Android | iPhone

6. iHuerting


Your urban farming assistant is right here! Your phone will keep reminding you when and how can you water, fertilize and take care of your plants. If there are any pests or insects stuck on your plants, let the app know, and it will help you in resolving the same. In fact, why not grow some fresh veggies and fruits at home and make a thriving kitchen garden with the help of this best app for sustainable living.

Available: Android | iPhone

7. GoCarma

Eco-Friendly Apps

Don’t you think that it is best to pool the car and join someone who is moving on the same road to save money and fuel? And of course, the environment! This is why GoCarma comes in the picture. It uses Bluetooth to detect when you board the car, and once there are two or more people, you may even qualify for an HOV toll discount. Cool, right?

Available: Android | iPhone

8. Recyclenation


To increase responsible recycle rates, this innovative sustainability app was designed. This location-based application helps the users to find recycling locations, find those places where they can mail recyclable items, share recycling tips, and finally track its impact on the environment overall. There are more than 13 material categories with more than 2500 items to discover what and how they can be recycled.

Available: Android | iPhone

9. SDGs In Action

SDGs In Action

Are you aware of the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs by the United Nations and working to make them happen? If your answer is yes or no, keep this best sustainability app in your phone for the reminder as well making yourself aware for focused actions. Find out if you are working for 17 goals with explanatory videos, key facts, figures and suggestions. You can check out the latest sustainable news around the world, interact with global citizens, and find actions supporting the goals nearby you. The best part is that it supports all the 6 UN official languages, so pick your choice!

No Longer Available

Are You Environmentally Prepared?

If you are ready and determined to make the environment better every day, get yourself these best sustainability apps right now. Take it as a task, challenge or passion; let’s pledge once again for our future. If you like this article, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook & YouTube for daily updates.

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