What Is Punch-Hole Display? What Are Best Punch-Hole Display Phones?

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Cameras and display screens of mobile phones have become a new selling point for cellphone manufacturers. They are trying to improve the viewing experience of users with every model they put out for sale. It’s not just the video resolution that is being considered, but the display size and its accessibility are also being taken into account. And this why the mobile phone makers are trying to get rid of the annoying notches.

Notch displays comprise a portion of the screen that holds your front camera lens, your proximity or infra-red sensors, and the front flash as well. That part of your display is not accessible by any app, so basically, it has no role in your viewing experience. Moreover, it unnecessarily extends your screen size, making your phone bulkier and uneasy to handle.

To tackle this issue, the manufacturers brought up a new design technique called a punch-hole camera. It is a small lens cut-out on the display screen to fit in the front camera and sensors, while the rest of the screen area accounts for the viewable display.

Let’s break down what Punch Hole display is and what punch-hole display phones are the best choices for purchase.

How Punch Hole Display Are Different?

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Punch-Hole displays refer to mobile phone screens where the camera lens is cut-out separately at the corner of the screen, allowing cell phone makers to make more room for display.

There are two aspects of a punch hole display that differs it from the usual notches:

  1. The camera punch-hole is positioned in the left or right corner of the screen instead of being placed at the center.
  2. Unlike notches, punch-holes are separate from the top bezel and are punched through the screen separately.

Are Punch-Hole Displays Really Better?

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In normal phones, the black extension with the notch holds the camera with the bezel. But in punch-hole displays, that part is removed and is replaced with pixels. The camera is placed in a small cut-out within the screen, and the rest of the part becomes pixels. This way, the phone looks better, cleaner, and the phone-makers don’t have to leave a good part of the phone screen useless. But that’s just a partial benefit.

Punch-Hole display phones are better-looking because the small camera cut-out becomes unnoticeable. So psychologically, the user believes that he/she is getting a larger screen and a better viewing experience. But those replacement pixels don’t add much to the viewing experience. When your punch-hole display mobile is on the home screen, then you may have access to a larger screen, but during gameplays and video streaming, not every app would use those pixels to display anything, rendering them useless at the time. Thus, the punch-hole display’s truest benefit is the look.

slider screens
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The other benefit is that it is better than the slider screens. The slider cameras or pop-up selfie cameras completely separate lenses and the screen, which actually gives users a complete, full-length display. But the pop-up and sliders are prone to malfunctions if the motor driving them wears out, or the phone is accidentally dropped. The punch hole display is an improvisation that eradicates that risk while offering users a better-looking cell phone.

The asymmetry between the two corners of the screen can also be a con for some people. I mean, the camera cut-out is hardly unnoticeable regardless of what the makers say. And you can’t have that cut-out on the center of the screen, so you might feel your screen looking a bit ‘ugly,’ but that would obviously vary person to person.


The punch-hole display mobiles give a subtle finish to your phone, and it’s evident that more colors on the screen make it much better looking. I own a Xiaomi Poco F1, and a significant portion of its 6.5-inch display is covered by notch and corners, which I personally don’t like. But besides that, there is not much that those phones could do with these new kinds of displays. However, there is no significant disadvantage either, so there is definitely no harm if you wish to switch to punch-hole display phones.

While there are very few reliable brands that have launched models with punch-hole displays, I have listed out a few of them for you:

Best Punch Hole Display Phones You Can Buy

1. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Image Source: Samsung

If you’ve got the money in your pockets, then this is the flagship Android you must buy with a punch-hole display. The S10 Plus has got the best processor available along with 12GB memory capacity and storage options available up to 1TB.


– Camera: Primary- (12 + 12 + 16) MP || Secondary: 10 MP

– Storage & Memory: 128/512 GB || 8/12GB

– Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

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2. Honor View 20

Honor View 20
Image Source: Hi Honor

This one’s Honor’s 2019 flagship phone. Honor phones are known for their high-resolution displays, and this one’s a punch hole display mobile. This 6.4-inch display is one of the finest phones you can vouch for.


– Camera: Primary- (48 + TOF 3D) MP || Secondary: 25 MP

– Storage & Memory: 128/216 GB || 6/8GB

– Processor: HiSilicon Kirin 980

3. Motorola One Vision

Motorola One Vision
Image Source: Motorola

Motorola’s stock Android interface and its build quality is well known among masses. The brand is already gaining a major hype after it launched the modern incarnation of Moto Razr. While the phone somewhere lags in specs in comparison to other punch hole display mobiles, the Motorola name is enough to trust the phone’s quality.


– Camera: Primary- (48 + 5) MP || Secondary: 25 MP

– Storage & Memory: 128 GB || 4GB

– Processor: 2.20 GHz EXYNOS 9609

These phones ruled their respective price segments in the year 2019, and you can hope for more punch-hole display phones this year as well. Whether you like it or not, the punch-hole display phones are now going to be a trend, and we may see a permanent departure of old notches.

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