How To Download And Install Pocophone Launcher On Android?

The Poco Launcher is an attractive launcher which comes with lucrative features. It comes with features of both Pure Android and MIUI. However, it comes up on Google Play Store but you can’t download it as the early access program has run out of the space. In this post, we will walk you through the steps to download and install Pocophone launcher on your Android. Read on!

How Is It Different From Other Launchers?

To access the app drawer, you need to swipe up from the bottom. It has tabs which contain categories of apps. Xiaomi launched the beta version of Pocophone launcher however, the early access program is full, and it is not available to download. We have an official APK on XDA, which you use to get the app. Click on Download button given below.


Things That You Need

You need two things:

Android Marshmallow or higher

You need to enable download from Unknown sources

Note: To enable unknown sources, go to Settings->Security->Lock screen & Security->Unknown sources.

Step 1: Download and Install Pocophone launcher

Go to Download button and click on it to download Pocophone launcher. Once downloaded, clicked Install as it comes onto the screen. If your smartphone didn’t allow you to install the app. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings->Security->Lock screen & security->Unknown sources)

Download Pocophone Launcher

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pocophone launcher
Image Credit: Gadgethacks

Step 2: Give Permission To Access App

pocophone launcher-1
Image Credit: Gadgethacks

Tap on the Home button and you will get a prompt to choose a home screen application, then choose POCOPHONE Launcher. You will be given a feature tour. You will be prompted to accept the terms and condition. Choose wallpaper as you like and click Allow when you are asked for notification alert access. Now activate the switch beside POCO Launcher and tap back button on your phone.

pocophone launcher-2
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Next, you will get a prompt by launcher asking you to permit access to your phone’s storage. This way, it is capable of saving configuration files. Click “Allow” located lower end of the screen, then again press “Allow” on the next window. Now you can try your new launcher.

Step 3: set your preferences

pocophone launcher-3

To make changes to suit your needs. Look for blank space and make a long press. Now click Settings->More from the lower end of the pop-up menu. You will now get access to all configuration settings of Pocophone launcher.

pocophone launcher-4
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Now you can change the layout with a few layout options available. You can deactivate the suggested apps bar from the app drawer. Another feature, “Group apps automatically”  if enabled, assembles specific apps in app drawer. You can click “Manage app groups” you change the order, sequence or also hide app categories that you don’t use often.

You can also use “Group icons by color,” to get colored circles set on the lower end of the app drawer. Hit one and you’ll get all apps that use that color on their icons.

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Step 4: Using the Launcher

With all said and done, you get the new launcher on your phone. You have customized it accordingly.

pocophone launcher-5
Image Credit: Gadgethacks

In this way, you can download and install Pocophone launcher. Get it on your Android smartphone and give your smartphone a new look.

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