7 Best PDF To MIDI Converters For Producing Music Easily (2023)

Are there any tools that hold the ability to create a MIDI file from sheet music? 

After thorough research, we’ve found a few dedicated “PDF to MIDI conversion programs” that allow users to scan those music score papers via Optical Music Recognition (OMR) technology and then digitalize them for producing melodious tunes. 

What Is Optical Music Recognition (OMR)? 

Optical Music Recognition is a robust technique that helps users scan and interpret sheet music. It efficiently reads through the PDF notes and converts them to the standard music notation code. In layman’s terms, using OMR technology, one can produce a machine-readable version of the written music score. These digital files are mostly in MusicXML or MIDI, the most popular music file type. 

If you have numerous sheet music files in hand & you need to digitalize them, take the help of the Best PDF to MIDI File Converter Software listed below. If you are looking for tools to edit those MIDI files effortlessly, check out our previous post on Best MIDI Editor Software (2023)

Best PDF to MIDI Converters (OMR)

Try the following notation music recognition & music sheet or PDF to MIDI converter app available for popular operating systems (compatible with newer & older versions). 

1. SmartScore

Image: SmartScore

Smart Core can simply convert any music score format, such as a PDF file, a scanned file, or even a photograph of the score, into MusicXML, the standard file format for all music notation applications. This application can recognize complicated signals like cross-staff beams, intra-staff voices, key and time signature changes, making it appropriate for the most challenging progressive compositions. You can add additional parts, repeat, reorganize, and relink chord structures using graphical drag-and-drop methods without disturbing the original notes or changing the passages.

  • Included is an easy-to-use MusicXML translator.
  • It’s really simple to use thanks to the drag-and-drop features.
  • Every single symbol used in music notation is provided.

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2. ScanScore


ScanScore is a piece of software designed for artists, composers, and producers looking for a simple yet effective approach to scan and digitize their sheet music. ScanScore’s availability on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones makes your file scanning and conversion procedures “portable,” allowing you to utilize it whether on the road, in your tour bus, or on a plane. Individual notes, groupings of notes, bars, sections, and even the entire score can be transposed, which is great for arrangers presenting new songs to performers and clients.

  • The playback technology can quickly locate and identify faults.
  • MusicMXL or MIDI files can be used as output files.
  • Playback mechanism that is simple to use

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3. SharpEye



This tool can read a scanned copy of a music score and convert it to MusicXML, MIDI, or NIFF files, which can then be loaded into any sequencer. It has a functionality that allows you to search for lyrics or chords after scanning, allowing you to move around the GUI more quickly.

This program’s editor also allows you to mute, erase, rearrange, or chop specific areas as desired. For simpler navigating inside the score, the software immediately scrolls to the edit point while editing. The algorithm is quite accurate, catching dynamics (ppp…fff), grace tones, melodies, and even accented characters from the lyrics.

  • Each bar that does not make musical sense receives a notice from the software, allowing the user to correct it.
  • It is quite quick to import using the drag-and-drop method.
  • The software is quite light, making it ideal for older systems.

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4. PlayScore



PlayScore is a mobile app that allows you to scan sheet music from your phone or tablet, and it’s available on Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS) (iPhone). By snapping images with your phone’s camera and scanning the music, the software scans your sheet music on paper. The digitized music score is transformed to MusicXML and MIDI formats, which may be imported in any sequencer or DAW. The application allows you to listen to the score with basic virtual sounds integrated into it. After the passage has been scanned, the integrated editor allows you to modify the song’s tempo in real-time, create loops, delete parts and reorganize the passage.

  • This work is made much easier with the drag-and-drop editing feature.
  • Scanned papers are saved in the software and can be retrieved at any time.
  • On playback, fingering for the piano and violin is accessible.

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5. Sibelius


Sibelius Ultimate allows you to compose, arrange, and publish scores of unlimited size, with no limit on the number of instruments or the length of the work, making it excellent for music soundtracks and film. The software can write notation for all types of instruments, including harmonic, rhythmic, stringed trumpets, and so on.


Sibelius is capable of numbering the pages automatically or allowing you to adjust the numbering method used when working with scores that have multiple sections and tend to belong, which is great for users wanting to print their content in books.

  • Clefs, tabs, and notation for any instrument are accessible.
  • Any score can have an endless number of staves attributed to it.
  • Every notation sign is appropriate for the writing style.

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6. MuseScore


The software can import and export MIDI files as well as compressed and uncompressed MusicXML files. It is a professional music and notation program that is completely free and without restrictions. It’s a simple and strong open-source application that even accepts MIDI keyboard input. Users can compose music for jazz, guitar, piano, band, choir, and orchestra, among other instruments.

  • Free To download and use
  • Transfer music across applications using MusicXML, MIDI, 
  • MuseScore is developed by a community of open-source contributors.

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7. PDFtoMusic Pro

PDFtoMusic Pro

Here comes another convenient PDF to MIDI converter – PDFtoMusic Pro that you can consider using in 2023. The application works brilliantly to rebuild the original score stored in PDF file format and export it into MIDI, MusicXML, WAV, or AIFF format. Both file types are usable and compatible with professional score editors. PDFtoMusic Pro takes a couple of seconds to extract the music-related elements and enable the scores to be played or exported in popular file formats. The application is highly compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux OS. 

  • Supports importing all the compatible PDFs & ability to control audio playback. 
  • Features a lectern mode, which allows performers to follow the music on screen. 
  • Receive technical support, even if you are not a registered user with PDFtoMusic Pro. 
  • Use this PDF to the MIDI converter in English, French, German, Spanish & Dutch languages. 

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Your Choice On Best PDF to MIDI Converters (Optical Music Recognition)

Long before a song is converted to a Midi file, musical scores are employed to express it. Scores are commonly formatted in PDF files, which are then input into a music application, which processes the musical notes and outputs lovely tones through your speakers. These tracks can then be saved as Midi using any of the applications listed above. If you ask us then ScanScore is the Best PDF to MIDI Converter, which can convert PDF files to MIDI files and is compatible with major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.


Q1. How do I convert PDF to Musescore?

After you have Installed the MuseScore application on your system, import the PDF using the File button on the top left corner. Once the digital music sheet is uploaded the software will convert it to a project file and then download it. Lastly, choose “File” > “Export” and select the MIDI format.

Q2. Is there a program that converts audio to MIDI?

If you wish to convert an MP3 to a MIDI file, Audacity, the famed free and open-source audio editor can do it for you for free. It includes a variety of capabilities, including this type of converter, which is quite good.

Q3. What is the best free online PDF converter?

ScanScore is the Best PDF to MIDI Converter that is useful in transforming PDF into MIDI files and it is supported by major operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

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