Best Home Renovation Apps For Your Dream Home

Renovation. Upkeep. Change. These are some of the realities that every homeowner goes through. Renovation of any type causes a lot of headache to the homeowners as they have to coordinate with developers, designers, plumbers, contractors etc. But, with the advent of technology, one needs to keep an eye out only on designing and planning to make the entire process easier. Let’s take a look at the best renovation apps that help all homeowners.

1. Color Snap

Download iOS, Android

Thank you, Augmented Reality, for making sure that colors suit us before we put the up on the walls. Before investing a huge amount of one’s hard earned money in paints and brushes and other amenities, it is always advised to try this app. With Color Snap, one can try out different color samples by Sherwin-Williams. One can be sure that the hundreds of swatches shall definitely have a color that suits one’s wish perfectly. Its other key features are:

  • There are multiple color swatches one can choose from.
  • Light and shadow make a huge difference in the color placement.
  • Gives a rather clear picture of how a room shall look based on the colors chosen.
  • Easily compatible with majority of the smartphones.

2. Flipp

Download: iOS, Android

Cost: Free

What better than Discounts? With Flipp one gets multiple flyers from Target, The Home Depot, Macy’s, Best Buy, Lowe’s, Dollar General, Walgreens,CVS, JCPenney and 800 other outlets. This app is perfect for getting deals. Everyone knows how expensive renovations are. Why not make the best out of the situation and treat yourself to 20-50% discounts on all products that give your living area a unique aesthetic appeal? Its other key features are:

  • Detailed and easy to use app. Has separate sections for grocery, household, furniture items etc.
  • Offers 1000+ items under different categories.
  • Digital copies of coupons and flyers accepted. This helps save money and paper.
  • App helps save time, money and energy.
  • Generates reminders help one keep updated to the best offers and deals in the market.

3. Salient Eye

Download: iOS,

Cost: Free (Android) $ 2.00 (iOS Devices)

When renovating, security and all that it entitles needs to become a priority. With the help of apps and gadgets, one can take that extra step to keep themselves safe in this world. With Salient Eye, one doesn’t even need to buy a separate device for home security. Any old smartphone will do the trick. With the addition of its remote-control app, one can easily detect any motion created by intruders. Once enough activity has been detected, it sends out a noisy alarm. The other key features are:

  • This application is free on Android but costs $ 2 US on iOS devices.
  • One can add multiple number of devices with the same app login details.
  • Sends out notification immediately upon detecting activity or motion.
  • Displays the current status of the area covered in real time.
  • The alarm can be controlled to start and stop on the primary smartphone app.
  • Easy to use and highly effective.

4. iHandy Level

Note: This app has been discontinued.

Cost: Free

Why purchase a tool when one can simply download an app, that too free!? That’s exactly what iHandy does. Getting a balance right on the placement of the shelves is one of the key issues in any renovation. Hence, with iHandy, one can get precise and perfect placement of the hooks and shelves. Additional key features are:

  • Simply calibrate the device at the work area and mark it with a pencil for drilling.
  • A handy app that works like a professional tool.
  • Cheap and easy to use.
  • Offers services in 10+ languages.
  • Additional carpentry apps also available on the site here

5. DIY on a Budget

Note- This app has been discontinued

Cost: Free

Oh, the huge amount of debt one falls under due to renovations! At times a small project turns into a massive money pit. With DIY on a budget, one can undertake small projects without hiring professionals. With an entire community of DIYers, connected on the app and on other social media platforms, one can easily get the best ideas that shall suit their needs perfectly. The other key features are:

  • Offers project ideas on multiple categories like bathrooms, living rooms, gardens, lighting and even a separate category for walls.
  • Share and bounce ideas with others and get detailed idea of how to undertake a DIY project.
  • Get ideas on the best deals and tools required before paying even a dime from one’s pocket.

6. PlanGrid Construction

Download: iOS Android

Cost: Free (In app purchases are seperate)

When one needs to create an entire wing or a room from scratch, it is better to go to the basics. The PlanGrid app helps with the basic planning of construction. While this is no way a DIY styled application, it does give one a good example of how the final product shall look like when the professionals roll in with their blue paper print copies and construction trucks. The other key features this app boasts of are:

  • Helps keep transparency between the construction workers and you.
  • There is an increased productiveness in the workers upon knowing that their plans are shared down to the last details with the client. I.e. the user.
  • Helps keep a better check on the costs involved.

7. SnapGuide

Download: iOS

Cost: Free

Once the basic construction is done, one needs some help in decorating and refurbishing their work area. What better than taking the help of SnapGuide. This application has multiple different categories in which one can choose and create novel pieces of art or styles for the interiors of their home/office area. The other additional features of this app are:

  • Goes beyond the typical room categories for DIY projects. Offers a whole range of lifestyle choices with which one can have a whole new approach in life.
  • How-To guide helps one create the best desserts, scrapbooks, try out new exercises and even offers fashion tips.
  • An all in one app, this application is a must have for all those who are looking for a fresh start.

There you have it folks! The best Renovation apps for smartphone users. Hope they help you in creating a space that suits your needs the best.

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