8 Best Home Inventory Apps for Android & iOS

It doesn’t matter whether we live in a mansion or a studio apartment or rent a place. We end up hoarding or possessing so many things, that we often lose track of them. Naysayers might not have experienced the trauma a mother goes through if and when the chips run low or if there is last minute need of stationary. The need to track and organize the home inventory helps in the long run as it saves time money and even energy of the homeowner. Mentioned below are some of the other reasons why a home inventory is important.

  • Though a tedious job, but, organizing the inventory helps us keep track of all the items and evaluate their purchasing urgency. If one happens to lose an item, they need to know where it was misplaced or simply consumed.
  • In case of moving or shifting to another house, an inventory helps keep track of the same.
  • It helps to de-clutter our home of unnecessary things and items.
  • Keeping a list of things makes it easier to claim insurance in the name of homeowners or renters.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits that one can have if they manage home inventory. In this new day and age, there are apps for the same. One no longer needs to write on paper, but simply install an app that makes this process easier. Most of the mobile applications mentioned below possess features such as adding photos, sort items by room and subject. This makes them a must item have on smartphone. Check out our list of top 8 home inventory apps for Android & iOS.

Best Home Inventory Apps

1. Sortly:

sortly Home Inventory Apps

Sortly is a home inventory app that sorts our possessions into different categories and puts them in a folder and subfolder. Few of its features available are mentioned below:

  • User can add tags or notes to the folder to search them easily.
  • It lets the user record even minute detail for every item like serial number, date, warranty and guarantee expiration date etc.
  • It includes up to 8 photos and adds the price and quantity details for evaluating.
  • This app lets the user export the home inventory list from Sortly to Dropbox, or as a PDF file format and even transfers it on to Evernote.
  • It has three versions to offer. The free version lets the user add 100 items on a single device. The Plus plan comes with an unlimited item listing across three devices and web, and costs $4.99. The Pro plan costs $ 30 is used mostly by businesses.

With so many features, this is a must have app that works on both Android and iOS platforms.

Download for Android iOS

2. Encircle: Home inventory

Encircle Home inventory

This is a free app that runs on both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from iTunes and Google Play Store. Some of its features include:

  • Unlimited access for listing items
  • Automatic updates for all devices
  • The ability to access the list through phones, tabs or other devices
  • The basic option for adding room and properties and their details

Download For Android & iOS

3.Memento Database

Memento Database home inventory

Memento database lets one store almost anything in over 3000 variety of templates. As on of the best home inventory app on iOS, it offers the following features:

  • It lets the user store an item in categories, and one can even provide colorful icons for these individual groups.
  • It lets the user sort, search and filter items through specific subject making it easier to find things later on.
  • This app has the ability to sort items according to one’s needs and add appropriate details for their records.
  • Also, one can sync it with Google sheet to access it on any platform.

It is a versatile free app that works on Android and Windows Desktop.

4. Nest Egg

Nest Egg best home inventory app

The nest egg is a must have home inventory app for IOS users. This app in particular has numerous features. Some of them are:

  • It lets the user take 10 photos in HD quality.
  •  Also, one can scan the barcode of an item in order to enter all the relevant product information.
  •  It has a unique feature of ‘batch edit’ that lets the user edit items in bulk rather than doing it one by one and hence saving time.
  • It has the key feature of air printing/emailing the list to a spreadsheet to keep track.
  • It lets the user store the details of any new purchases in case one wants to return it and send an alert when the exchange date is near.

This app works only on iOS devices, but is a must have home inventory app.

5. Home Inventory 

Home Inventory apps for home

This app was developed by Binary Formations, LLC and has won a lot of awards and accolades. The key features of this app include:

  • The power to search items of a room and list it in a customized manner.
  • It lets the user store photos of the item, their receipts, and serial numbers of the products.
  • One can backup and restore the itemized list when and if needed.

This app is compatible only with iOS, but it is by far one of the most user friendly and easy to use home inventory app on iOS.



This home inventory app for iOS helps remember the location of certain items that one may have misplaced or lost track of over time. Its other key features include:

  • With the help of this app, one can organize their collection of movies, books, music, jewelry and more
  • Keep a list of wine, and office supplies
  • Barcode scanning for items so that all details are stored too
  •  It lets the user customize the list as per their wish, and notifies them about duplicate items.
  •  One can add formatting and images and summary to the items.
  • Importing the list and syncing with other devices.

Mystuff2 pro takes a little time to set up and install, but other than that it has a lot of features for the user’s benefit. The paid version is $8.99 while the free version includes only 15 items.

7. BluePlum home inventory

BluePlum home inventory

This application works on iOS devices and on macOS. Its key features are mentioned below.

  • Organize products according to collection or rooms, and add tags for easy search.
  • All the product related things like receipts, user manual, video, photos, and documents can be stored in a single place.
  •  Record the value and evaluate the depreciation amount at any given point in time.
  •  Store the information about the products maintenance or other schedules like EMIs and get timely notifications.
  • It lets the user create and print reports to view all the items.

This app works on both cell and desktop for iOS systems. The desktop and cell will get synced when accessed through the same Wi-Fi.

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8. Smart Inventory System

Smart Inventory System

Developed by NonZero apps, this home inventory app for Android is a must have. The app boasts of the following features:

  • Detailed item listing with subsections like nutritional value, name, receipts and many more. Also, barcode scanning too is possible.
  • Add custom fields if existing fields are not enough.
  • For items that need replacing add critical quality alerts.
  • The feature of locating an item through voice search and detailed sorting
  • Allows backup on cloud and works even when the user is offline.
  • Import part or whole list on to a CSV file format.

There you have it folks! These above-mentioned Android and iOS home inventory apps help with so much. One can sort, organize, decorate own home for a party and plan the menu as they seem fit as one can easily figure out what is and what isn’t in your pantry. Do drop us a line in the comments section below on which app suited your needs the best.

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