Best Apps To Analyze Storage On Android

Why Do I Need A Storage Analyzer On Android Device?

Every modern Android smartphone comes packed with a storage analyzer. You probably go to the file manager and click on the integrated storage analysis which the device provides you with. Right?

But, ask yourself, does this analysis show you everything? Does it show you precisely which documents, videos or photos are taking up so much space on your device? You ‘d probably have to dive into every folder, nook and cranny and possibly sift through all the elements.

How about we give you a way to view your storage in one shot. Yes! There are many storage analyzer Android apps that can efficiently, neatly, and quickly analyze storage on your Android device without any hassles.

1. Smart Phone Cleaner

smart phone cleaner

Smart Phone Cleaner is a great storage analyzer app for Android. It is also a one-stop solution for a variety of problems.

  • Flip through two screens, and you’ll know exactly how much of your device’s RAM and internal storage is consumed.
  • With each of these storage spaces, you are further given options to take appropriate actions. For instance, with RAM storage, you can tap on the boost button and instantly free your device of unwanted cache
  • While you scroll to the second screen, you can click through videos, images, music, and free up space.
  • Within the app, you have separate modules that can help you get rid of duplicate files, save battery and even clean junk files that you otherwise can’t see.

2. Storage Analyzer & Disk Usage

The app displays comprehensive information about storage locations. These include external storage, internal storage and cloud storage.

  • Interactive and intuitive user interface. You can quickly and easily switch between modes and pages
  • In-depth visualization of storage space where files, folders, subfolders and remaining sectors are shown
  • Great search functionality and when we say that it means you can conduct a full drive search in seconds
  • You can quickly delete cache files coming from apps
  • The storage analyzer for Android is well categorized as per file size, document type and date

3. Storage Anayzer

Storage Analyzer

The Storage Analyzer is a simple yet effective way to analyze storage on Android. Especially in case of storage spillage, you’ll know where exactly you have lost your precious space –

  • Decent storage interpretation with the help of colorful pie charts
  • Once you click on each of the storage locations, you can further see pie charts representing
  • It categorizes storage app wise and external and internal storage wise
  • Storage analyzer is free from pop-ups and ads

4. Mobile Storage Analyzer: Save Space Memory Cleaner

Mobile Storage Analyzer

Try Mobile Storage Analyzer to see how much of your device’s memory is consumed in a more crystal clear format. This Android storage analyzer app puts out every ounce of storage spent in front of you, location wise.

  • At the outset, the landing page beautifully bifurcates the storage space used by audio files, documents, videos, photos and other applications.
  • Click on each of these, and you’ll be able to see further what contents under each category have taken up space
  • You even get a super scanner, which is an expert at scanning large files. This is an excellent function if various unwanted large files are taking up your device’s memory
  • Once you have correctly analyzed files and folders, you can get rid of excess junk in the form of unwanted files and cache with a mere click

5. Storage Analyzer & Storage Manager

Storage Analyzer & Storage Manager

Last but not least, we have Storage Analyzer & Storage manager which doesn’t just let you analyze storage space but also delete unwanted files.

  • Intuitive and elegant pie chart representation of files and folders. This helps to check each folder and the storage space taken by underlying elements.
  • Deeply looks through all locations spanning across your internal and external storage. It even checks the storage space of any USB devices as well
  • Clearly shows you the details of all the big files and extensions which are taking up maximum space on your device
  • Scans through all kinds of files – audio, video, images, apps and all the other files

Note: This app has been discontinued.

Have A Better Picture Of Your Storage Space!

We know that Android devices these days come with humongous storage spaces. But, even the applications, games and files are no less. They consume your device in various ways, and sometimes you might want a clearer picture of where exactly your storage has spilled. Do let us know if you were efficiently able to analyze storage on Android using the above storage analyzer apps. We’d also like to know which has been your favourite. Follow us on social media – Facebook and YouTube. For any queries or suggestions, please let us know in the comments section below.


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    If ever there was an article where the downloader needed to know the size of the files, then this is it! Just because Google Play won’t display them doesn’t mean to say you you don’t need to 🙂

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      Mridula Nimawat
      We are glad you liked the information.

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