Best Apple Pencil Alternatives In 2023

Apple Pencil gives a distinct experience that allows styling and note-making easy on an iPad. Moreover, most of the iPads are compatible with Apple Pencil. Graphics designers, artists, and students simply love it. But the only obstacle noticed is its high cost. That’s why you need the best Apple Pencil alternatives.

Hence, let’s find out the most amazing styluses that act as Apple Pencil substitute at one end and do not let your expectations fall off the bridge at another. So hands down to these Apple Pencil alternatives and avoid spending $119+ on the new generation of Apple Pencil.

Best Apple Pencil Alternatives In 2023

1. Logitech Crayon

Logitech Crayon

Price: Starting from $34.99

USP: Flat design

Welcome yourself in a new dimension where Logitech Crayon paints all the plans, designs and notes as swiftly as possible on your iPad. This is indeed the best alternative to Apple Pencil today and is being loved by students foremost.

What’s cool?

  • Supports palm rejection technology i.e. you can place your hand naturally on iPad while writing without the worry of any error.
  • Connects with the iPad instantly with a 1-second button press at the top of this pencil.
  • Supports mostly all the applications to keep the work going, be it making presentation on one app and editing pdf on another.
  • The unique shape of this substitute for Apple Pencil lets it stay in one place without rolling down and damage it.
  • Long-lasting battery to keep it going for 7.5 hours straight.

2. Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3

Bamboo Fineline

Price: Starting from $59.95

USP: Nib safety technique

Want to feel having a natural pen? Bamboo Fineline is an absolutely best Apple Pencil alternative with a stylish tip on top that smoothly takes down notes and shapes your ideas smartly. The authentic and comfortable pen-like feel is what makes it most interesting.

What’s cool?

  • One simple twist and you can switch on and off this pencil. In fact, this mechanism also protects the pen tip from any kind of damage.
  • Supports applications like Adobe Sketch, Autodesk sketchbook, Bamboo paper, and many more. Drawing apps for iPad can also be checked here!
  • Four smart colors to choose from.
  • This cheap Apple Pencil alternative has long-battery life, and quick charging mode to keep you going.

3. iPens X1 Capacitive Stylus Pen


Price: Starting from $28.99

USP: Long battery hours

Enhance your writing pattern and turn your iPad experience most amazing with another yet best Apple Pencil alternative. iPens have such wide supporting compatibility that it can go smoothly with all Apple iOS devices, including iPad Air and iPad Mini.

What’s Cool?

  • Its 2mm rubber nib allows the selection of extensively small icons as well along with smooth writing and drawing touch.
  • Capable of working 10 hours without a glitch, and can be easily connected to the USB charger.
  • Power saving mode is present, which automatically switches off the stylus if it stays away from iPad screen for more than four minutes.

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4. Adonit Pixel


Price: Starting from $74.99

USP: Pressure sensitive technique

Its tip is highly improved with a precision of 1.9mm and contains a strong responsive behavior. Interestingly, it offers a palm rejection feature and allows better compatibility within the user and his iPad.

What’s Cool?

  • Pressure sensitivity is one such attribute that makes Adonit one of the best Apple Pencil alternatives. 2048 levels of sensitivity allow different types of strokes with increased or decreased pressure.
  • Shortcut buttons on the pencil let you erase, redo, scroll or zoom easily.
  • Supports most of the note-taking, sketching or animation apps.
  • In-built grip sensor to activate the pencil as and when picked up (once after it’s turned on)

 If you own and Apple Pencil, check out some Apple Pencil tips and tricks for a smoother experience!

5. Xiron StylusXiron

Price: Starting from $23.99

USP: Connect even without Bluetooth

Marked with a fine tip and sensitive technology, this Apple Pencil substitute offers accuracy and smart working performance. In fact, Xiron not only works on all iOS devices but also your Android cellphones too. Multiperformer, eh!

What’s Cool?

  • 12 hours of active battery life after one-button start drives the pen
  • Fiber-mesh tip is present
  • Comes with a glove which doesn’t let rest of the palm interact with the screen

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 6. Moko Active Stylus Pen

Moko Active

Price: Starting from $28.99

USP: Provides work accuracy

Precise writing style with its 1.5mm nib provides a smart way of using this Apple Pencil alternative. Moreover, the sleek design and convenient recharging capacity tag along while you begin drawing anything on your iPad.

What’s Cool?

  • Absolutely cool with your iOS devices and Android phones.
  • Sensitive fiber mesh tip to avoid any kind of device scratches
  • It can handle 8 hours of work time and has a convenient charging port.

 7. Cosmonaut


Price: Starting from $28.99

USP: Free from Bluetooth connectivity and charging

 Anyways, not everyone wants a sleek design on their substitute for Apple Pencil. And this is where Cosmonaut comes in with a wide grip yet stylish shaft. Consider this as the best apple alternative for the premium class and soft-touch pencil.

What’s Cool?

  • Chunky, stylish and comfortable to use.
  • Works best when you want to sketch.
  • Forget the worry of charging it.

8. Fifty Three Graphite Pencil

Fifty Three Graphite Pencil

Price: Starting from $35.95

USP: comes with a nib and eraser

Welcome to another differently styled Apple Pencil alternative which has a smooth finish and has a designer logo touch for the clean finishing. Connect it with Bluetooth, and you are simply ready to drive it over your iPad.

What’s Cool?

  • Pressure sensitivity is applicable for an amazing workflow.
  • It comes with an eraser, right after you flip it.
  • Create lines of any size and shape and use your fingers to smudge the edges.

9. Mixoo 2 in 1 Precision Disc and Fiber Stylus


Price: Starting from $10.99

USP: Stylus pencil in budget

If budget is your constraint when looking for cheap Apple Pencil alternative, Mixoo is simply mindblowing. Available in 5 different colors, the pencil is made up of aluminum and stainless steel with proper finishing.

What’s Cool?

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • The transparent disk at the top for accurate pointing
  • Comfortable gripping over the pencil body

10. Adonit Jot Mini

Apple Pencil Alternative

Give yourself accurate navigation while jotting down notes, and making sketches on your iPad. The most amazing ball-point precision can be noticed with the best Apple Pencil alternative.

 What’s Cool?

  • Stylish clip-on to carry in your pocket
  • Need for Bluetooth connectivity is gone with it.
  • Compatible with Android phones, Windows phones, and iOS devices.

Write & Draw!

Though paper and pen are irreplaceable but let’s say that the digital world has gripped us. In fact, using these best Apple Pencil alternatives on your devices can let you jot down your thoughts anywhere and save them then and there. It’s cool, right? So keep the list and find your most suitable alternative to Apple Pencil. In fact, check out apps that bring new Apple Pencil into action.

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