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Android N, Apps, How-To - 2021-07-09

How To Clear Android Cache

Over time, your phone tends to get filled with unnecessary data and this affects the device’s performance. If you want to get rid of the sloppiness of your Android device, you must start by cleaning the unwanted files. Along with junk and temporary files, clear the Android cache. As it can be responsible for holding…

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Apps, How-To - 2021-07-08

How to Send Disappearing Photos and Videos in WhatsApp

WhatsApp had recently announced a new upcoming feature that would delete the image or video after the receiver has seen it once. This of course would not be true for all messages but only those messages specified by the sender to self-destruct. This feature is called View Once and has been recently rolled out to…

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Apps, Top 10 - 2021-05-16

15 BEST Application Performance Monitoring Tools

Our entire world revolves around applications and software. Whether you’re an individual or a business, using applications and software is a dire need. App developers and organizations constantly work on making applications better to improve the overall digital experience for the end-user. To achieve their goal and to gain a better insight into their work,…

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Apps, Reviews - 2021-05-14

App Country Finder & Manager Review

Important tasks but rather difficult to carry out? Thinking about how to get it all done at once?  Introducing App Country Finder & Manager application by Systweak Software helps users identify all the apps installed, uninstall them, create backup files, and determine the country of their origin. This amazing software can perform all these tasks…

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Android N, Apps, Top 10 - 2021-05-02

10 Best Medicine Reminder Apps For Android

Whether you’re managing medications for yourself or a loved one, it can certainly be a cumbersome process to remember when to take which pills. It can also be difficult to remember the additional instructions associated with them, like taking meds after meals or not to consume dairy products, and so on. However, using the Best…

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Apps, VPN - 2021-03-23

Mobile Apps & Data Privacy – Do All Apps Share Data?

Are you comfortable sharing information about what you buy, where you go, what you do, including the personally identifiable information? No, right? Then why share everything with the apps that we use? To answer this, some might say it is a prerequisite to use an app while others might say they are unaware of the…

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Apps, Top 10 - 2021-01-11

10 Best To-Do list Apps 2021

A To-do list is meant to simplify things, not complicate them. But if you end up switching from one to-do list app to another as you are not satisfied the purpose of having them is defeated. Understanding this, after thoroughly testing apps on every platform Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS, here we enlist the best…

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The Firefox logo isn’t a fox

It is a common misbelief that the furry creature in the Firefox logo is a fox thanks to its name. But it is rather a Red Panda.