Apple Releases Best Work From Home Apps In App Store Editorial

While the world is in quarantine because of COVID-19’s threat, every company has been trying to take safety measures. Apple has shut its stores globally and made it safer for its customers as well as the employees. There is much more; you must have noticed a lot of changes around the world and how technology has come to rescue for completing several tasks. For those who ask, well,  many people don’t rely on doing everything online. So, for those and others who want to find out, there are hundreds of applications for your smartphones to help you out. For all those Apple device owners, one has to find them out on the App Store.

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To make it worth and easy for the people, Apple decided to take a step and therefore published an editorial. It is available on the App Store, where one can find relevant apps under several categories.  In this post, we discuss all those apps, which are placed as the best apps on the App Store at times we stay indoors. Be it working from home or staying home till the schools reopen; one can benefit from these apps.

Let’s take a quick look at the several categories and users for which these can be fruitful.

Apple Releases Best Work From Home Apps

  • Working from home.
  • Connecting with loved ones.
  • Relaxing sounds.
  • Reading news.
  • Listening to radio and news.
  • Recipe apps.

Best Apps From The App Store-

1. Apps For Everyone Who Wants To Learn Staying At Home.

For students trying to complete their courses and to keep up with the studies, apps in these categories will help. When you launch the App Store on your Apple device, you will see this as the first section named Learn and study at home. This is specially introduced due to the educational institutes being shut down amidst the Coronavirus precautionary measures. The list includes something for all age groups of students. For example, Epic-The kids book store, which will keep them busy while at home. Quizlet to involve your young ones in the learning process with flashcards activities. Moreover, the categories are not just for the students, but anyone willing to learn something can find apps for themselves.

Apps For Everyone Who Wants To Learn Staying At Home

2. Apps To Help You Keep In Touch With Your Friends And Family.

Staying connected to your loved ones is what is the need of the hour. While we are not advised to go outdoors, one must always keep a check on our friends and family. This has been made easier with the number of video/audio calling apps. But, the list also includes some fun apps from the App Store. Houseparty is an excellent app for making group video calls; it also informs you when someone is’ in the house’ and ready to chat. Another one is Snapchat, which will help you send snaps to each other or involve your friends in cute gameplay. Try out these apps from this section called Keep in touch with loved ones on the App Store.

Apps To Help You Keep In Touch With Your Friends And Family

3. Apps To Help You Work From Home.

One must maintain the work routine and stay connected to co-workers is essential, that’s when these apps come in light while Skype is good to keep connected to the work from home meetings. Other apps such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Cisco Webex Meetings can be used to do the same, using any of these apps will make your work easier. For more, one must learn the best practises to follow when working from home. Also, there are other apps in the list to try on, if you can connect using the popular apps mentioned via home connections.

Apps To Help You Work From Home

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4. Apps To Browse The Breaking News On Your Apple Device-

Trying to stay safe from fake coronavirus news, get the feed from these apps. They include the big publishers such as The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN. Along with the Apple News in this section, you can keep yourself updated while reading posts from all around the world. As trusted names in the industry cover the local and global news, one can rely on their news articles.

Apps To Browse The Breaking News On Your Apple Device

5. Apps To Listen To The News Along With The Live Updates.

Tune into the news from the Radio stations directly on your Apple Device with these apps. If you are not a fan of reading too much, get one of these apps. All it requires is to tune into the channel and keep getting updates from all over the world. The apps such as Curio will narrate the news from the leading newspapers. One can also keep up with the discussions going on the world with podcast apps like Breaker.

Apps To Listen To The News Along With The Live Updates

6. Meditate with these apps.

We know that meditation is an essential exercise that one must perform every day. With these apps will help you perform meditation at home. With apps like Balance, Shine and Ten Percent happier, you will be able to carry out your daily meditation routine correctly.

Meditate with these apps

7. Apps To Relax Your Brain With Soothing Sounds.

Relax at home with help from these apps. At these trying times, one can feel anxious, and therefore apps like Relax Melodies will help. Apps in this section of the App Store will help you sleep well with the soothing sounds playing on your Apple devices.

Apps To Relax Your Brain With Soothing Sounds

8. Apps to navigate your emotions.

These apps will help you keep calm during the times when you feel overwhelmed with the ongoing events. Take a look at these apps, and we are sure you would love to get one for your phone. It includes writing your thoughts on the journal or making short notes.

Apps to navigate your emotions

9. Apps To Help You Shop Online And Deliver At Your Door.

Get grocery at your doorstep with the help of these grocery shopping apps. Since we are taking time to stay in, Apple recommends grocery shopping be done online. If you haven’t tried your hands on it yet, you will find one from the list of apps for you. Boxed and instaCart are some of the good options to make orders for daily groceries online.

Apps To Help You Shop Online And Deliver At Your Door

10. App To Help You Prepare Meals At Home:

Try the recipes from these recipe apps from the App Store. Ever found the home-cooked meals mouthwatering but have been very busy to try it? Well, with so much time on hands, one must try out the dishes you love on your own. It will be much fun to try these apps for consulting the recipes to experiment on various cuisines.

App To Help You Prepare Meals At Home

11. Apps for continuing that workout routine at home-

These apps will be your guide during your workout sessions at home. Let one of these apps decide for your daily workout routine while you are staying indoors. App Store knows some of the best apps as it lists them out for all the fitness enthusiasts out there. Join the Nike Club or the Zova for the physical fitness routine, which focuses on training sessions. Walkout is for people who are busy and can only spare a short time to exercise. These apps will ask you the type of exercise you are looking for and guide you accordingly.

Apps for continuing that workout routine at home

12. Apps for your Yoga classes.

Yoga is another form of exercise, which focuses on your mind and body. This is recommended by many, and thus apps to perform your yoga exercises are covered in the list too. Asana Rebel and Yoga Studio have all your fitness routines included. From all Yogasan to meditation rounds, it will help you right from your smart devices.

Apps for your Yoga classes


With everyone trying to help each other in these trying times, Apple has done its bit on lending help. The app list, which is beautifully divided into categories, is going to help several people decide which apps to go for their Apple devices.

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