AI for iPhones: Apple’s iOS 18 to Get A Generative AI Boost

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its mark across diverse industries, yet Apple still needs to wholeheartedly incorporate it into its smartphones. Unlike companies like Google, which have seamlessly incorporated AI into Pixel phones, Apple’s iPhones have not experienced the transformative AI wave.

Nevertheless, recent reports suggest a potential shift on the horizon. Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce generative AI with iOS 18, the forthcoming major operating system for iPhones.

Apple’s iOS 18 to Bring Generative AI to Your iPhone

As per insights from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, John Giannandrea, and Craig Federighi, two of Apple’s Senior Vice Presidents, are at the forefront of the company’s AI initiatives. These two executives are the key “executive sponsors” of Apple’s AI push. As per the reports, Giannandrea’s team is dedicated to crafting an AI system and harnessing the power of Siri for its implementation. On the other hand, Federighi’s team is actively weaving generative AI functionalities into the fabric of iOS 18.

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The report also asserts that this inclusion has the potential to elevate various aspects of iOS, particularly Siri and Messages. These applications could gain the ability to automatically complete sentences and proficiently handle inquiries. In pursuit of these initiatives, Apple is committing an astounding $1 billion per year to carry out these projects. Back in July, Gurman unveiled Apple’s endeavor to create its proprietary AI model, the “large language model (LLM) work,” supported by the Ajax framework.

The ChatGPT-like application, playfully dubbed “Apple GPT,” represents merely one of the numerous potentials that the Ajax framework can deliver.

Aside from introducing fresh features to iOS 18 and enhancing Siri, Apple is exploring avenues to elevate the developer’s journey by incorporating AI-driven capabilities into Xcode. This might encompass more advanced code suggestions akin to the functionality seen in Github Copilot. Furthermore, the company is investigating techniques to streamline its AppleCare capabilities with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

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Gurman suggests that Apple is poised to adopt a customized approach, evaluating each feature individually. Some may operate entirely on the device, while others could depend on cloud-based backend solutions.

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The incorporation of generative AI into iOS 18 might signify a notable milestone for Apple, potentially narrowing the gap with its rivals in the AI arena. The precise manner in which this technology is integrated and its impact on the iPhone user experience remains a fascinating aspect to watch in the days ahead.

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