All You Need To Know About Transforming iPhone Into iPod Classic

Update: It’s been reported that Apple has pulled the Click Wheel feature from the App Store that converted your iPhone into an iPod. The reason behind this decision stated by Rewound is “because it copied the iPod’s design, charged for Apple Music features and could be mistaken as an Apple product.”
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Certainly, one of the most iconic user interface elements in consumer electronics, iPod’s click wheel has come back with a bang but this time on the iPhone as well.

A navigation component of several iPod models, iPod Click Wheel is a combination of touch technology and traditional buttons. With the technology of capacitive sensing, the tool senses the capacitance of the user’s fingers. From finding music and videos on the iPod to viewing images and playing games, the tool helps you to do it all.  The only limitation with this tool is that it was only available on iPods.

iPod click wheel
Image Source: 9to5mac

Now, what if we tell you that soon you will be able to use Click Wheel on iPhone as well? Yeah. You heard it right!  The app is going to make you feel nostalgic about the iPod click wheel all the way back.

A design student at Cooper Union college in New York City, Elvin Hu has created an app concept which focuses on transforming your iPhone into an iPod Classic by integrating a virtual click wheel. It also works in landscape mode

Hu is working on this project since October’19, and on dated 27th November’19, he shared an early look at the app on Twitter. The initiative has created a lot of interest on the Twitter platform and has become trendy. The trend had gone to the level where the father of the iPod itself, Tony Fadell praised this as “Nice Throwback”.

Elvin about the Click Wheel?

While in school, Elvin Hu was working on a paper about the development of the iPod, he built this app. The developer revealed in an email that “I’ve always been a fan of Apple products since I was a kid,” Before my family could afford one, I would draw the UI layout of iPhone on lids of Ferrero Rocher boxes. Their products (among other products, such as Windows Vista and Zune HD) have greatly influenced my decision of pursuing design as a career.”

Click Wheel Elvin Twitter Page
Image Source: Hu’s Twitter Page

Will This App Launch On The App Store Ever?

With reference to getting it on App Store, Hu said “I’ve been working on this project since October and whether I can release it or not does depend on whether Apple approves it,” I believe they have legitimate reasons not to (patents and other reasons).”

Although it’s an amazing addition to the iPhone, there’s no confirmation that Click Wheel for iPhone will make it to the App Store. To get it on the store, first Apple will have to approve it, which probably they won’t be willing to do because it contravenes on Apple’s design patents.

Now in case, Apple doesn’t give the green light for launching the product on App Store, Hu may release Click Wheel as an open-source after seeing few legitimate responses and feedbacks from initial users.

The app is still in the development and testing phase, and Hu is planning to complete this testing phase by the end of the year 2019. Apple has a few days to think and respond to the launch factor of the app. The more responses Hu will get for the app, the decision of launching the same will vary accordingly. And if the user feedbacks are great, Apple might be okay with putting it on the App Store. Who knows??

What do you think can trigger Apple to put the app on the App Store? Will this be positive feedbacks or responses from iPhone users OR the fact that a fan has become one of them today? Will you use it even if you won’t be able to get it on the App Store because I am sure as hell I want to.

Do share your experiences with us below if you use Click Wheel for iPhone in near future and we will try and share such experiences with our readers. Thank you

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