8 Quirky Cases For Your iPhone You Definitely Need to Try!

If bizarre and quirky are the words that define your style statement, then you are at the right place pal! Yes, we know your iPhone is a pretty decent device. But at least we can buy a quirky case to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you have the old iPhone model or the latest iPhone 7 we have a weird case for all! So here are a few bizarre iPhone cases that’ll surely help you catch crowd’s attention. (For sure)

Here you go!

1. I am All Ears

I m all ears

Yeah! This ridiculous giant ear had to be the top on our list. Looks like you’ll be doing your best prince Charles impression every time you make a call.

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2. The Bacon and Eggs Case

Bacon and Eggs Case

Well, if breakfast seems to be the favorite meal of the day then this is the perfect cover for your iPhone. Isn’t it weird kinda cool?

Love bacon? Order this iPhone case now!

3. Work Out a bit

Work Out a bit

This case is not just enormous, it’s actually super heavy. In fact, it’s the heaviest iPhone case on the planet. So each time you pick up your iPhone it’ll surely burn some calories. Isn’t it a clever idea? Yeah, of course you don’t have to carry it outside but you can use it at home to gear up your workout sessions.

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4. For the love of Starbucks

For the love of Starbucks

The ultimate iPhone case for the coffee junkies! It seems quite big though, would be a big challenge to get the phone out from pocket. But the best part is it is made of silicone which adds an extra layer or protection to your device.

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5. Pepper Spray iPhone Case

Pepper spray

Cuz your safety comes prior to your iPhone’s protection!

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6. The All in One Utility Case

All in one utility

If you are one of them who wants your iPhone case to be pretty then this is not right pick for you. Instead if you’re one of them who like to keep a hold of their stuff then give it a shot. From nail filer to tweezers to ballpoints it is all taken care of now!

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7. Say Hi to Mr. ClutchieSay Hi to Mr. Clutchie

Have plans to visit a page 3 socialite party? What could be more perfect than this trendy handbag shaped iPhone case. It will not only protect your device but will add an extra charm to your fashion statement as well.

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8. The Savior—Bottle Opener iPhone Case

The savior

So what do you think hurts most? Warm beer? Drinking alone? Nope! It’s when you are on a road trip with your buddies and none of you remembers to keep the bottle opener for the beer pack. Well, not anymore!

Buy the ultimate savior to avoid any disappointments in future!

So folks hope you liked our list of quirky (yet cool) iPhone cases. Do let us know which one you liked the most!

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