7 Best Goal Setting Apps For iPhone/iOS

To achieve something, the first step is to set a goal.  A goal can be anything whether you want to get rid of a bad habit or need to complete a pending work. Now that you have completed the most important step: Setting a goal, next comes planning and strategizing on how to bring your plan to action. Setting a goal is easy as compared to sticking to the plan to achieve what you want. Thus, we need constant motivation and need to track our progress to keep us going. So, you need a goal setting app for iOS.

In this post, we have listed some of the best goal setting apps for iPhone. Check it out!

Best Goal Setting Apps For iPhone/iOS

Goal setting apps not only push us to reach the goal but also track our progress to motivate us. So, if you are determined to reach a certain goal, go ahead choose the best one for you.

1. Way of Life

Way of Life

Looking for a mentor to achieve a goal? Install Way of life, one of the best habit-making app. Before changing your lifestyle for better, you need to study what is your lifestyle and pattern of it. Way of Life helps you with that. You can track your daily routines within a few seconds to keep your life on track. It also has reminders to make sure you are on the right path till you have left your bad habits. You can also note down if you break a rule and why you did it, to never do it again. It also displays charts to show the progress along with negative and positive indicators.


2. Strides


Strides is a goal setting app for iOS which helps you manage and track everything to maintain the healthy routine. It shows progress in charts to keep you motivated. With the app, you can track any activity. It comes with 4 trackers such as Habit, Average, Target, and Project. You can set up goals & habits and see the progress on a well-organized dashboard. Adding a goal is a very simple process with 3 simple steps. It reminds you to pursue your goals and reach the daily, weekly or weekdays. You can also make notes to your register to give more content.


3. Coach.me


Yet another goal tracking app, Coach.me which helps you set and maintain the goals. It not only helps you achieve your goal but also provides motivation by their community if you are caught up. You can also hire a coach to keep your focus. Whether you want to focus on your career or learn or want to pursue a healthy lifestyle. You can call your coach and arrange a telephonic consultation. However, hiring and calling a coach will cost you money. The app is available for iOS, Android and has a web version as well.


4. GoalsOnTrack


One of the best goal setting apps for iPhone which helps you keep your productivity and progress in check to make sure you attain your goal. With the app, you can set goals, tracks their progress and time, change habits and more. The app will help you in setting goals, making plans follow the trail, keeping journey and more. You get to create smart goals that are realistic, achievable, timely and specific. If you have a long-term goal, then you can divide it into short-term goals, sub-goals so that you don’t give up in the middle. It comes with real-time progress tracking which shows the progress as soon as you complete a specific work.

You can maintain the journal to keep a note on how you achieved the goal. What were obstacles or failures? It comes with sync feature to keep all your notes synced to your iOS and computer.

5. HabitHub


If you want to manage your daily routine to lead a good lifestyle, Habithub is the app for you. The app is available for iOS and Android. It lets you plan your routine on daily basis. It has color-coded visual motivators for the tasks aligned, such as Green – not Due on Current Day, Red for past Start time, Yellow for upcoming. You can also schedule habits that need to be reminded multiple times a day such as drinking water reminder. As the task reaches its end time, the color coder changes the color to show the incrementation. If you have completed a task, put a checkmark on the habit from notification on iPhone or Apple Watch.


6. Habitica


Habitica is one of the best goal setting apps for iOS and works on Android as well. It has a simple interface and with this app, it is fun to accomplish your tasks and goals and it is motivating too. You can enter details such as everyday goals, habits, to do list and more. The app seems more like a game. You can create an avatar and with every task completed, your avatar is leveled up and you get powers and features such as pets, armor and more.  Moreover, fight monsters with friends and use your gold on in-game rewards. The app is available for free but if you wish to get support, you need to pay some amount. There are four types of subscriptions:  $4.99 every month; $14.99 every three months; $29.99 every six months; and $47.99 every year.


7. ATracker


ATracker is one of the best goal settings apps which helps you to track your habits or goals. The app is lightweight and easy to use. Tap on a task, to start or stop time recording. To set up a task, all you need to do is give a name and icon to it. You can also customize it further with advanced settings. Atracker presents tracking results in the form of a pie/bar chart. You can share them through email, and social networks. To store the data, you can export it in CSV format. ATracker. With iPhone, you can start or stop a task without even unlocking your smartphone.


So, these are some of the best goal setting apps for iPhone. Download and install the one you like and get started! Please let us know what worked for you or if we left out any of your favorite apps in the comments below.

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