5 Reasons Why Instagram is Better Than Snapchat

Instagram and Snapchat are two major social media accounts which have surely become our go-to place (and of course Facebook too). Although both these accounts have an entirely different approach yet they are still alike in some way. The recent update of Snapchat has really made a lot of users quite upset, and the company has faced losses as well due to that. A lot of users are now finding Snapchat’s interface confusing, and thus rarely use the app anymore.

On the other hand, Instagram is constantly upgrading to improve user experience. From stories to filters to news feed, Instagram offers many features under one roof.

So, is Snapchat losing its game? Seems like the puppy face filters and dancing hot dog are no more spreading their charm on users. Let’s discuss a few reasons which make Instagram a way better app than Snapchat.

1. A Pleasant Interface

insta interface

As compared to Snapchat, Instagram is surely one beautiful smooth-looking app. And of course a lot of people aren’t much happy with Snapchat’s new interface, especially the all new “Discover” section which is hardly used by users. This major overhaul in Snapchat’s design has surely been a big disappointment. On the other hand, Instagram interface has kept everything pretty sorted with Stories section on top, Direct messages button on the right and a scrolling news feed which keeps us glued to the application all day long.

2. Snapchat is Confused

snapchat confused

What is Snapchat actually trying to be? Don’t you think the app’s interface is quite confusing? What is it basically, a messaging place or a news and video platform? Yes, the disappearing messages were surely the original hook of this application but well, not any more. Talking about Instagram, yes we certainly do believe that it has somehow stolen the Stories feature of Snapchat but it is all forgiven as the application has become so much better over time.

3. Lesser Ads on Instagram

ads on instagram

Social media is like a giant ocean where marketers leave no chance to target the right audience. Well, a good thing about Instagram is that brands and advertisement stay in a certain parameter and don’t invade our privacy. Unlike Snapchat, which offers a pushier approach when it comes to brand and advertisement, dealing marketers on Instagram is much easier.

4. Following is Easier on Instagram

easy follow

Believe it or not but exploring new places, finding and following new people is easier on Instagram. Whereas in Snapchat you can only follow a bunch of people whose username you have and this certainly restricts the number of followers we have.

5. More Number of Followers on Instagram

more followers

If talking about of stats, the number of active users on Instagram is almost double of Snapchat. From teenagers to adults to professionals to bloggers, Instagram is the go-to application for all set of people irrespective of their age or profession. Whereas, Snapchat is more like a fun app which is often used to interact with our bunch of crazy friends.

So folks, here were a few reasons why we find Instagram a lot better than Snapchat. What’s your say? Do you agree with us? Do share your feedback in the comments box below!

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