11 Latest Microsoft Edge Updates

Microsoft released Windows 10 Preview Build 17677 Redstone 5 this month with various features. Along with it new features and updates were also released for Microsoft’s web browser, Microsoft Edge, with which it became much easier to use.

So, today, in this article, we will be talking about 11 new features of Microsoft Edge, which came out with Windows 10 update.

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1. Single Click to Auto Fill Forms

Yes, this can happen if you allow Edge to remember name, details and other info, when logged in with Microsoft account. This will help Edge fill info and form on websites by just a single click.

This can be done from Microsoft Edge settings.

  1. Go to More (…)
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. In Settings, select ‘View Advanced Settings’.
  4. Now, go to ‘Manage form entries’ to edit your info.

2. Highlight PDFs and ebooks

Now, you can mark up or highlight text in PDFs and ebooks. This can be useful when you want to highlight text or add a note that you can refer to later.

For highlighting text, select some text and choose ‘Highlight’, and then pick a color.

And To add a note in PDFs and ebooks, select the content and then select ‘Add a note’.

3. Pin Websites to The Taskbar

Now, you can add most used websites to your taskbar. For this, go to More (…) and Select ‘Pin this page to the taskbar’.

4. Add Translator Extension for Websites

With Translator extension, you can now translate all the websites instantly in more than 50 languages. It will only work when Translator finds out that there is content to translate. Just press the extension for instant translation. You can download Translator Extension from the Microsoft Windows Store.

5. Print the Content You Want

With this feature in Microsoft Edge, you can now print content that matter. For this go to More (…), and select Print, from Print, you can enable Clutter-free printing.

Note: This feature only works on web pages where reading view is available.

6. Effortless Reading

Reading is made easier on Microsoft Edge. In browser, when using reading view, handy grammar tools can help you expand reading and writing skills. You just have to click anywhere on the page and choose Grammar Tools.

By this, sentences and words can be split into syllables, verbs, nouns, and adjectives.

7. Real-Time Synchronization

With this feature you can browse and start from any website on your phone and continue on your Windows 10 desktop from where you left of by tapping ‘Continue On’. For using this feature, download Microsoft Edge for on your iOS and Android devices.

8. Personalize with Extensions

With this update, you can now customize Microsoft Edge using extensions, which includes Amazon Assistant, Pinterest’s Pin Button, AdBlock, and more.

You can download and get extensions from the Microsoft Windows Store.

9. Import Bookmarks, Files, and Browser History

With this update, bookmarks saved on other web browsers can be imported directly to Microsoft Edge like Google Chrome. Not only Bookmarks, you can also import browser history and files from other web browsers. For this,

  1. Go to More (…)
  2. Then, go to Settings and tap ‘Import from another browser’.
  3. And, then select the browser.

10. Text to Speech

Now, Microsoft Edge can read out loud to you. Texts in PDFs, ebooks, and website content can be read out loud in form of speech.

In ebooks, you just have to tap anywhere on the page and choose, Read aloud. And, for website content, just right click and choose Read aloud. You can even change the voice and speech settings from the Voice Settings given.

11. Mute Tabs

With this, user can mute autoplay feature on a page. When any video is automatically played on a page, you can just select the tab to mute the video or any audio. This will turn-off the audio playing in the background.

So, these were the latest Microsoft Edge updates that came out with Windows 10 update. Microsoft Edge, with these new features, is definitely much more easy to use.

If you found this helpful, please let us know. Give us your feedback in the comments box below.

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